About Us


Probably you are reading these lines because you would like to find out if I am really the professional, who has the necessary experience and you can trust, whether you are looking for training, reliable products or your permanent makeup to be done.

Philosophy and mission

When I started to work as a permanent makeup technician, I had unpleasant experiences with finding an appropriate and practical course that provides comprehensive knowledge and covers all important details about the profession. After several years spent in the industry, I have decided to make a change by offering personalized training and real attention to the individual. Every training begins with a short introduction, which includes me asking about my students’ experience, gathering all information to adapt to their skill level and preferences.

Apparently, it is quiet important during our work to take the regional customs in consideration. Every nation, every country has a slightly different taste, how they like to wear makeup, what shapes they prefer. So far these international training courses proved to be a big success, based on the reviews I received. Every now and then I still receive constructive criticism, which I am really thankful for. As I previously mentioned, I am constantly developing my training structure and content, all in order to give you the most. As an end result, my goal is to give you knowledge that you can really put into practice after the course has ended.

How I started

My name is Tünde Méhn, I am a permanent makeup technician and trainer, based in Hungary. I usually get the question, when and why did I start doing permanent makeup? This brief summary was written to give a fair explanation to this question.

So why exactly did I choose this profession? Many years ago I decided to get my eyebrows done by a technician, who gifted me with a quiet unpleasant set of brows. Before long, after few years of agony, I have decided to learn the profession, since I wanted the fewest people to walk in my shoes.

First in 2008 I joined the beauty industry by completing the necessary beautician and permanent makeup technician training courses. My original goal was to work as a PMU artist, but I need to emphasize the importance of learning the fundamentals of hygiene and dermal structure.

About the school

My career as a trainer started in 2012, as I received more and more inquiries from other technicians, asking for professional advices and wanting to have a look at how I work. Gradually, I started to yield to these requests and eventually I have founded my training centre for permanent makeup named ’Tünde Méhn PMU Art School’. By the end of 2013, I received more and more students from overseas. It became crystal clear in no time that there are quiet many, who would like to meet me while skipping the troubles of traveling afar. I got convinced that I need to organise master classes in other countries too, far from home.

Regardless of geographical location, all my training courses are personalized, tailored to your needs. To achieve this goal I organise classes with fewer students, furthermore I make sure we adhere ourselves to the training agenda. Being methodical plays a significant role during all basic and master classes, which allows you to really learn the techniques and useful tricks I apply during my work. You find more information about my training courses under the Training menu.

Permanent make-up as a profession

Permanent makeup is among the most special beauty treatments without a doubt. So what makes it so special? The answer resides in the facial characteristics of each client. My personal opinion is that using stencil tools removes the art and uniqueness from our work and I would strongly advise against it.

If you are unhappy with the shape or colour of your eyebrows, eyelids or lips, this is one of the best solutions you can choose. Your face becomes beaming once again, while your self-confidence, femininity and youthfulness will fully recover. My goal is always to create the most natural-looking cosmetic tattoo possible, which is going to ideally match the facial features.

In the Gallery you may find many examples from my previous work. As you can see, there are many techniques to choose from. When you come to me for a treatment, during the consultation we will find the ideal solution for you together. By choosing me, I can guarantee that your story will have a happy ending.

In order to provide the best service every single time, I practice and develop my techniques constantly. This is not just my profession but my hobby at the same time. I always keep an eye on the newest trends and equipment on the market, to make sure that my work is aesthetic and long-lasting at the same time. Working precisely with reliable products and materials might be a cornerstone for me, but I also put my heart into every single work I do.