Eyebrow Marathon

Everything you have to know about eyebrow tattooing

You would have a thousand and a thousand questions about eyebrow PMU, but have not you been able to ask it from anyone? The permanent make up has been conquering for a long time but its style has changed a lot in recent years over decades. There was a time when it was the essence of the tattooed eyebrow that it did not look like the real eyebrow either in its colour, shape or appearance. Nowadays the direction of the natural as well as the powdery make-up, and the combination of these two are the guiding principles. We have already confessed that the good PMU fits almost unnoticed to the face, highlight its beneficial features, and distract attention from the less-favoured details.

So the actual trends have changed a lot since the beginning. Nowadays, a good eyebrow tattoo should not be harsh, grotesque, exaggerated or too dominant in its colours. It cannot rule the characteristics of the face. That is why it is very important that you, as a PMU artist, could make a contemporary art-like creation which is fascinated for the today’s trends while you can correct your guest’s old, faded, discoloured or outdated shapes, asymmetric arches.

That is the secret with which only a few PMU artist possess!

Many PMU artist send their guest to an immediate laser tattoo removal or simply dye the greyed, reddened tattoo with brown pigment. While the former is a drastic and in some cases completely unjustified procedure, then the latter lasts only for a while. In vain the over painting, if the old colour will “beat out” of the new.

Then what is the solution?

Tünde Méhn, International PMU Artist and Master Trainer has found a quick, aesthetic and lasting solution for this problem. The Triple Brows technique has been created as a result of lengthy research and experimentation; in the course of it, we achieve a professional and impressive overall effect with a combination of three different methods. In the course of the Triple Brows, along with camouflage, in which including colour theory education and practical guide of using the complementary colours, the hair-strokes and the ombre shading techniques ensure the 100% cover.

With the Eyebrow Marathon Master Class, you can achieve a special knowledge with which you can easily gain from your competitors. Plan your future consciously! Learn from Tünde Méhn!

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You are guaranteed to be a step ahead of others with this training.


07-08 October 2020


900 EUR +VAT 


Budapest, Hungary Tünde Méhn PMU Art International School 1034 Bécsi street 100.



Viber: +36 20 26 876 26