Kiss of Rosa

The Kiss of Rosa lip sticks are our favorite this year!

Elegance, a touch of colour, intensive care and only natural ingredients. Our product means this to us! Our lip care products nourish the lips, provide moisture to the skin and provide a mild, casual color. In addition, the ingredients have a regenerating and nourishing effect and they protect the sensitive skin from drying out. They are available in a wide range of colors and have silky skin feeling. The cooperation of the unique colour variations provided by minerals and the natural ingredients make the daily lip care easy and enjoyable! It protects, nurtures and spices up our appearance. Some of the ingredients come from ecological, organic farming, thus supporting the real essence of our goal of creating a cosmetic that can be used for long-term use without danger. Without artificial colouring, fragrance and preservative.

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Rosa Herbal Skin Care is the guarantee of good quality!


A more accented, darker shaded member of the Lip Care family that –just like bronze- gives a delightfully warm, shiny brown color to your lips. It evokes the atmosphere of the hot summer evenings, and it can be a perfect addition to warmer brown skin tones. Its pearlescent pigments provide a wonderful shine. Thanks to its clean atmosphere it is a great choice for everydays, due to its natural ingredients it can be used several times a day.


The colour combination of coral is one of the most beautiful phenomena of the summer, which is popular among not only the fashion fans, but in our product line as well. This latter color is embodied in our Coral lip care, which adds fresh energy to its user and gives them a fresh look. It looks great on a natural face with less make-up, yet it emphasizes the beauty and the shape of it. It hydrates and provides a homogeneous color. It is a feminine, vivid yet reserved choice that can be applied several times a day thanks to its natural ingredients.


It is a lip care with soft forest fruit tone, which delicately combines with certain depths of colour red, resulting in a very elegant, special color effect. It moisturizes and gives a subtle color. After use, our lips really get a tight, lively, intense color effect like a ripe, juicy raspberry. It gives you a sexy, irresistible yet moderate look during the exciting weekdays or on a weekend with friends. It is a pigmented lip balm recommended for the care of the lips, with natural ingredients so you can refresh your skin several times a day and maintain natural care.


A soft, pink-toned lip care stick. Thanks to its exciting colour change, it gives a truly unique effect. The passionate color of the rose, the powdery smell of purity gives the user a true sense of femininity. A bold yet moderate mood characterizes the rosy member of our range. As with all our lip care products, this product has been developed for multiple use daily to enjoy a glorious effect throughout the day. Hydrates, nourishes and naturally natural!


This colour is so unique that it is not really similar to anything. It features pink, the innumerable shades of purple, giving the user a dynamic, attractive, special and cool style. It's like a dewy celosia in our garden. An interesting encounter between purple and pink in a single lip care stick. The attribute “sexy” is also essential in this case as well, it can be used bravely for even a basic makeup. Beauty and natural nutrition in a stick!


Soft, cherry-red lip care stick that moisturizes and provides a youthful, feminine colour. Like the "Berry", it has a red tone. With a wild, powerful, almost lipstick effect, it results in full lips and irresistible form, highlighting its uniqueness. It is a pigmented lip balm with natural ingredients for the care of our lips, that is why we can refresh the colour several times a day and maintain a natural care. It is good to keep a mirror with us, because its color is really intense and spectacular!


It has baby-pink tone, a neutral colour with a touch of mother-of-pearl. It is a delightful, innocent, charming colour, just like the flower of wild rose. It provides wonderful shine due to the pearly-colored pigments. It is characterized by fresh intensity, it is a youthful and pale colour. It looks great on a natural face, with little make-up, but it emphasizes its beauty. It moisturizes and provides a homogeneous color. It is feminine, lively, yet moderate. It is a pigmented lip balm with natural ingredients. Multiple daily use is permitted.


The nude color is the mixture of pastel pink and the beige colour of the skin. This is lip care that expresses being natural the most. If you are looking for a very modest look, it is worth choosing the pastel shades, in this case we recommend the colour "Nude" of our product line! If you don't want to put on makeup or your mood justifies a more relaxed colour world, but you would like to nourish and brighten your lips, this shade won't disappoint you.


Unisex clothing, trend and vision! There are several areas where female and male quality meets. It was our goal to develop this perspective. That is why we have developed that member of our product line which is dedicated to presenting it. We also created a good lip care product for women, men and children which, thanks to its appearance, colour and scent, sweeps every boyish excuse under the carpet. It is a colorless lip care stick with moderate, neutral fragrance, perfect for every occasion, thanks to its natural ingredients it can be used several times a day.


It is a colorless, translucent physical sunscreen stick with light filter effect. It protects our lips against the UV A and UV B radiation of the Sun and the Solarium and, thanks to its high active ingredient content it nourishes and hydrates the lips. It is recommended for women, men, children, the elderly and young people as well. It provides protection against the summer sunshine, for the lovers of solarium, as well as for the lovers of winter skiing. UV rays are also known to have a fading effect and therefore Sunny15 also serves as a sunscreen protection for permanent makeup or smaller body tattoos. If we do not let UV rays to directly reach and discolour permanent makeup and body tattoos, then they will be more beautiful and their lifespan can be increased.


It is a physical sunscreen product with stronger sunscreen effect, it is skin-colored, it has dense texture and it is non-translucent and well-spreadable. It does not let the UV A and UV B rays through, so they can not harm the skin, their fading and DNA damaging effect cannot harm the skin. It is recommended for women, men, children, the elderly and young people as well. It provides protection for the face, the lips or any part of the body against the summer sunshine, for the lovers of solarium, as well as for the lovers of winter skiing. It can also be used for the UV protection of already healed permanent makeup and smaller body tattoos as well as moles, warts and scars.

It is a coloured stick with skin-like colour, like foundation, it covers the area of the skin that you want to protect – we have to take this into consideration when we apply it on our skin. These natural colouring agents make the physical sunscreen protection even more perfect.

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