Misty Eyeshadow

Mystical look, “kitty eyes”! But what does it mean?

I am interested in taking the course

For you, firstly, it means that you can increase your make-up tattoo palette, so you will be able to tend on your guests more extensively and professionally. Misty Eyeshadow was born through many hours of work and experience by Tünde’s hands. She wants to give this knowledge to you and other talented make-up tattooists.

We start it at the root of the eyelash to add a beautiful and elegant black contour to the eye. And here we diverge from the traditional eyeliner. For the smoky, mystical effect, on the eyelids upward, moving toward the temple outwardly with powdery shading and powdery pigmentation make a translucent transition to the skin colour, so it fades gradually. The pixel shading technology, which ensures a maximum powder effect, requires small, precise and secure hands.

Therefore, you should definitely be at the training, if:

  • You would like to impress your guests with a unique eyelid tattoo,
  • You would like to learn a technique that has no counterpart at both theoretical and practical levels,
  • You would like to shade with sure hands perfectly,
  • You would like to get the “magician” nickname from your guests, because you have made a feminine, elegant look that rejuvenates your guest’s look with a beautiful almond shape.

What will you learn? What can you learn?

  • The secret of how you can create a beautiful almond shape,
  • The enchantment of making powdery shading,
  • The magic of the pixel effect technique,
  • The mystery of creating a mesmerizing, feminine look,
  • The wizardry of the implementation of the powdery pigmentation,
  • The charm of creating a smoky and mystical effect.

If you are so experienced in eyelid tattooing that you can do it with almost closed eyes, but now you would rather make some extravagant technique on your guests’ eyes, than you don’t have to go to Hogwarts to learn witchcraft and practice incantation. Then Tünde is waiting for you in Budapest to spend a pleasant, happy day with you and during in it you unobserved become the master of the Misty Eyeshadow’s magic.

But that is not a secret that we can only wait for those who want to develop themselves in limited spaces, so it is not worth to hesitate on it. Write the date to your calendar and take your seat now to make sure that you will stay with us!

I am interested in taking the course

The price of the training: 500 EUR+VAT
Date of the training: 30th September 2020