Ombre Selection – Pixel fantasies

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The full shade can make the face masquerade and harden the wearer’s mimic. Slowly a decade ago, Tünde Méhn left this technique behind her and she has started to experiment with the more sophisticated powdery powdered ombre shade. In recent years, this make-up tattoo has become a form of the cosmetic eyebrow shaping which has become especially popular among young people in a permanent form. In it we can find its success.

Tünde’s collection of four separate styles of ombre emphasizes different points of the face, making it a nice shape thanks to the subtle alternation of the darker and lighter parts, but also leads the gaze thus emphasizing the wearer’s beauty, but at the same time revealing its less beneficial features. The common feature of the four different styles is the pixel-like make-up effect, that makes the eyebrow richer and the wearer looks younger.

The participants will be able to acquire four different techniques on the Master’s training:

Ombre Misty

In the mysterious Mystie, the middle part of the eyebrows is darker, gradually lightening outward, and the edges are pixelated.

Ombre Forte

This technique radiates power and dynamism, achieving a dramatic effect with darker colour at the bottom, while upwardly softening eyebrow arch.

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Ombre Andante

Target consciousness spiced up with a little romance. The ends of the eyebrows are dark and well defined, the arch is softened at the front, and the colour loses its intensity.


The triumph of the individuality. The hair-stroked eyebrow tattoo and any of the above mentioned techniques are a combination of uniqueness.

I am interested in taking the course

The complexity of the training is due to the fact that the four styles require different technical skills: the right angle of inclination, the length of the needle, the number of the strokes, the bow and direction of the gesture and its speed are different in each of the four cases.

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Date of the training: 06th Oct 2020

Price of the training: 500 Euro + VAT