Pearly Lips

Renew Pearly Lips Training with Tünde Méhn!

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Pearly Lips – Never ending shining!

With Pearly Lips you can conquer those of your guests who want a solid and an elegant look in a low-key. By this type of Lip PMU the refined combination of the soft colour tones and a breath of luster will produce the desired effect. The lips get a fresh, lively colour, velvety light, a nicely curved, symmetrical contour and a finely accented, sensuously filled shape.

Clear up the secret of the natural but still lush lips! During our training which is combined with theoretical and practical tutoring, you can acquire the following essential knowledge:

  • creating a soft and discrete gradient, 
  • correcting the asymmetric lips, 
  • shaping of the aesthetic lips, 
  • fine highlighting of the lips, 
  • special, unique lip shading technique, 
  • full, rich, visual effect, 
  • practicing hand gestures and the proper skin tensioning techniques, 
  • selecting the right needle module, 
  • selecting the ideal tilt angle.

It is an attractive proposal, isn’t it? Learn from us and enchant a seductive smile on your guests’ face!

Because a nice lip speaks for itself!

Price: 500 EURO + VAT.

Date of it: 29.09.2020

The scene of the training: Méhn Tünde PMU Art International School, Budapest, Hungary

Contact: +36 20 26 876 26