PMU Ultra Marathon

Everything you have to know about PMU! Take part in the masterclass marathon and be the best of the best!

Are you looking for the Eyebrow Marathon? You are at the right place! The 2 day long course will be held again, under the Triple Brows name.

What is the PMU Ultra Marathon?

This is further developed and revolutionary version of the Eyebrow Marathon that will offer the opportunity of skills development in all areas for PMU artists.

The PMU ULTRA MARATHON inlcudes the following 5 masterclasses:

29th of September – Pearly Lips – 3D Lips Master Class

30th of September – Misty Eyeshadow – Eyeshadow Shading Master Class

05th of October – RE’BROWS – Hair Stoke Eyebrow Master Class

06th of October – Ombre Selection – Ombre Eyebrow Master Class

07-08th of October – Triple Brows – Camouflage and correction of old eyebrow PMU Master Class

Tünde Méhn will teach you 10 unique techniques in just 6 days so with your knowledge you will stand out of the PMU crowd.

It is worth learning with us, if you would like to be confident!

PMU is a more and more popular profession, so there is and will always be competition. Addition to this, there are many trainers, who give incorrect or not the full information and do not recognise the talented students, and how to bring out the most of them. The incorrect information will result in bad technique, bad technique comes with a huge responsibility as you create permanent to your client that another and better PMU artist will have to correct. Because of the incorrect knowledge of the techniques, the PMU will be illshaped and not suitable for the client’s characters. 

Are you done with these problems? There is a solution!

Our classes are complex, intense, but reliable and we want to bring out the most of you, so you will become a confident and successful PMU artist! Our courses include every aspect of the profession and we will give you all the techniques and background knowledge, so you can start booking in your clients a day after the class! 

And more that you can only learn with us:

  • Up-to-date knowledge: 2020’s newest PMU techniques, so you are always up-to-date and fresh on the latest trends!
  • Practical experience: Everything you will learn about has been used in practice succesfully for 7 years. Tünde will share her 12 years worth of international level experience, views and knowledge in the profession. 
  • Innovative educational system: Tünde will give you her knowledge in a way that noone else does in the profession! She ensures that you are prepared for anything with live examples and practical experience! 
  • Immediate results: On Tünde’s masterclass you will receive theoretical and practical knowledge, so you can already use everything you learnt on the following day! 

Learn, practice and ask! You can use your knowledge for years! 

This is for You, if…

- You would like to level up your PMU knowledge

- You want a serious and professional knowledge bomb

- You want to stand out from the PMU artist crowd

- You want to learn the latest PMU techniques that are unique in the profession 

Be the next pro PMU artist 

I want to do pro PMU!

Everything you have to know about the courses


There are several techniques to create the perfect hair stroke structure that You will learn too! 05.10.2020


The characteristic eyebrow depends on the perfect shading. You will learn 4 different techniques to create something unique every time! 06.10.2020


Correct, cover up and create new! The old eyebrows can easily be transformed and You need to learn 3 techniques to master it! 06-07.10.2020


The pearly shine provides a natural shine on your lips and You can easily learn this technique too! 29.09.2020


The eyeliner tattoo technique emphasies your look and you can create it with colours. Learn the technique on our masterclass! 30.09.2020

What the PMU ULTRA MARATHON gives You?

- The creation of 10 brand new PMU techniques

- An oustanding knowledge and professionalism from all other PMU artists

- The opportunity of development and with that you will do a better job, grow your list of offers, grow the number of your clients and can profit better! h2

Leave the masterclass with 30 times more knowledge that what you paid for the class 

Buy a ticket to belong to the professional PMU artists

Early Bird offer until 20 March: 599.000 Forint + VAT

Full price after 20 March

Prices of the Master Classes:

The more day you participate the higher discount you get, which you can see below.

Master Classes in Hungary, Budapest:

1 day – 500 Euro + VAT
2 days – 900 Euro + VAT
3 days – 1275 Euro + VAT
4 days – 1600 Euro + VAT
5 days – 1875 Euro + VAT
6 days – 2100 Euro + VAT

The prices on our website are general guide prices, we reserve the right to change the price.
At the same time, we would point out that the prices of advertised courses are not retrospectively changed.


We guarantee that your knowledge will be 100% exclusive and professional!

We don’t make a slip in speaking and don’t want to trick you. Tünde will teach what she is using day by day on her clients! These are proved-to-work techniques, with unique methods that you will not learn anywhere else!

During the PMU Ultra Marathon you will learn everything in 6 days from Tünde’s 12 years professional experience and with the help of that you can do the breakthrough success in your career! 

I want to be successful!

Take your fate in your hands and apply now!