RAW BROWS Masterclass with Tünde Méhn! Be unique!

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Be the master of RAW BROWS!

Nowadays you can find several trainings! There are numerous names, fantasy names, lure lines which promise you to learn the uniqueness. But these teachings are usually about the copying that the artists just copy to each others’ techniques, renaming and passing on them as valuable techniques.

But this is not typical at all for the Tünde Méhn PMU Art International School as neither to RAW BROWS! We create, innovate and develop new things!

What is not even typical of RAW BROWS training?

The threading master classes are usually about using templates which cannot always be applied after the trainings. Of course as every face is unique and every personality wants to bring something else to life! Applying a fixed fiber arrangement is scarce in itself. If you follow this you will certainly not be unique, special and you cannot promise personalized jobs, which is also a basic requirement in 2019!

Just think it over! The fiber growth is different in each faces. All shapes are different from each other as all looks too! It is a blunder if you use a template whatever beautifully you work!

But what can you learn during the RAW BROWS training and how you can avoid the existence with template?

We guarantee that you will learn the followings in our training:

  • acquiring the meticulous workflows
  • the professional display of naturalness
  • developing manual skills
  • complex, simultaneous application of the techniques
  • confident and combined use of the needles
  • customizable threading

What is the training about?

RAW BROWS is not a template but it is a threading method! We do not convince to emphasize of it! On the training we demonstrate three different RAW BROWS procedures which will make your work easier. With these you will be able to create a unique eyebrow which is act on your guest’s character and face:

  • RAW BROWS Up in case of fibers growing upwardly 
  • RAW BROWS Middle if the fibers turns into middle -
  • RAW BROWS Down, if the fibers growing downward

Can you see? Here you can immediately find three possibilities for which you have to prepare yourself! If you feel that you want to throw away the “mass work” with template, if you want to create truly unique tattoos and in this way you want to belong to the true creators, if you want to develop yourself with the latest PMU technique and want to give a unique threading as a gift to your Guests then to the RAW BROWS training you definitely have to come! Be a confident and special artist, and not one of the many of them!

Date: 06.05.2019.

Price: 500EUR + VAT

Info: info@mehntunde.hu


I am interested in taking the course