RE’BROWS Master Course – The art of the natural hair-stroke technique

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The RE’BROWS is such an exclusive method, developed by Tünde MÉhn, which allows you to make an eyebrow tattoo which is amazingly realistic and resembles the natural eyebrows.

How can you do that? Just follow the instructions of Tünde’s and the direction of your guest’s eyebrow growth!

In the process of forming hair-strokes eyebrow tattoo, the threads can be pulled or pushed in a variety of ways in addition to the proper tensioning technique, making branches, collecting points as if fusing the fibres into a funnel. We can creatively and variabe form the tattooed hairs by “playing” with their bending angle, inclination and thickness. For a realistic final result, the fibre thickness and colour intensity are different even for a single drawn thread too. The popularity of this technique lies precisely in the niggling details. If you learn it well, you will be in possession of rare and valuable knowledge.

So during the master course of Tünde’s, you can learn the followings:

  • How does your guest’s eyebrow threads growing direction influence the process of the tattooing (RE’BROWS Up/ RE’BROWS Down/ RE’BROWS Middle), 
  • How you can choose the right pigments and how you can combine them with each other, 
  • In what angle and in what directions you can work, 
  • How you can change the thickness of the gathered hair for the maximum realistic effect.

Date: 05.10.2020.

Price: 500EUR + VAT



I am interested in taking the course