Permanent Eyebrows with Hair Stroke and Ombré Shaded Techniques

When do I need Permanent Eyebrows?

  1. When you do not have enough hair: It can occur whether you are younger or older, that the plucked eyebrow will not grow back with time entirely. This might be a problem especially when the shape is deformed and undesired for you.
  2. When the shape and arch is not adequate: Sometimes the eyebrows are too flat, short, thin, too arched, or they start not where they should. A bad shape might affect your face negatively; you might seem like you are angry, sad, tired, strict or surprised.
  3. When your old permanent makeup faded or not perfect: With masking or complementary colors there is a solution for such problems too. Using LaBina technology the results can be beautiful despite everything.

How does Hair Stroke Technique look like?

The shape of the eyebrows defines a lot, how old you look like. Hair Stroke Technique represents the most natural look. A fitting shape for your face; tattooed from little, thin and individual hairs. This kind of tattoo always suits to your original hairs, harmonizes with your face and character.

Simple Coloring or Hair Stroke Technique

Personally, I recommend Hair Stroke Technique because of its natural effect. Simple Coloring Technique is a bit less natural, but the shaping can be just as beautiful.

Steps of Permanent Eyebrows

  1. Consultation about the shape, color and other details
  2. You should not shave anything on your face; I will pluck your eyebrows only if needed
  3. Sterilizing the surface
  4. I draw the shape of the tattoo on you with a special pencil (sketching); meanwhile we check it together multiple times until it is perfect. Usually I try to leave the most of your own hair for the natural look
  5. We choose a color which fits you the most
  6. Tattooing the eyebrows, meanwhile I use an anesthetic gel to relieve pain; you can watch the whole procedure in a mirror if you want
  7. Conversation about the caring of permanent makeup at home and further instructions
  8. You can come back for a second tattooing (correction) after one month or later