Classic Eyeliner and Eye Shadow

It fits every woman and it does not smudge

If your eyes are big and their shapes are pretty, then this would emphasize them even more.
If you are not satisfied with your eyes’ shape or size, Permanent Eyeliner is the solution for you, so you will be pleased to look in the mirror.
If you are allergic to most of the eyeliners and therefore you cannot put a makeup on, this might solve your problem.

There are people, whose eyesight is not strong enough; this might help them too. Or if you just want to rely on a professional, contact me and I will provide you a free consultation.

Only in the planning and sketching period can we see, how thick and what color it should be; furthermore all the details will be visible in person. The roots of your eyelashes will be colored too during the tattooing procedure, for the richer look.

How much does it hurt?

Permanent Eye Liner is more inconvenient simply because the procedure is directly around the eyes. Your eyes must be closed until I am finished with both the upper and lower eyelids. Due to the special stretching technique, your eyesight is protected entirely! During the whole process I stop occasionally so you can rest and your fear will fade with time. Most of my guests are more frightened before we start and they get more comfortable once we started it.

Will my skin swell? There are differences between every patient. After Permanent Eyeliner, the area around the eyes will be a little bit red which passes away in a few hours; mostly it is just the swelling that is noticeable for you. Eyelids usually swell slightly more, for 1-2 days it might appear to others like you just cried.

About the color of Permanent Eyeliner

Color black grants the best effect since your eyelashes are black too. If you feel like you want something colorful on one day, you can occasionally use eyeliners for that purpose, but I would not recommend choosing anything else but black for permanent makeup.

Steps of Permanent Eyeliner

  1. Sterilizing, anesthetizing
  2. Sketching
  3. Preparing the permanent makeup – meanwhile using anesthetic gel for pain relief
  4. Follow-up care
  5. Correctional, second tattooing between 1-3 months later (4 weeks should pass at least)