Important Information about Permanent Makeup & FAQ

I have collected all the questions and answers regarding permanent makeup that my guests considered relevant. If you cannot find the right answer to your personal question, do not hesitate, write an e-mail about it to me or call me and ask for an appointment. The consultation is free of charge.

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  1. How should I choose a professional regarding permanent makeup?
  2. How painful is permanent makeup?
  3. Which permanent makeup hurts more?
  4. What can I do to make permanent makeup less painful?
  5. What can I feel during the process of tattooing?
  6. Will my skin become swollen?
  7. How do I look like after it is done?
  8. Is there a wound or scab afterwards?
  9. How should I take care of my permanent makeup at home?
  10. How should I take care of my freshly prepared permanent makeup?
  11. Is summer a good time for making permanent makeup?
  12. How long will my permanent makeup remain pretty?
  13. Why does it seem so expensive?

How should I choose a professional regarding permanent makeup?

Choose someone:

  • Who shows reference pictures of her previous jobs, or you saw her working personally
  • Who answers all your questions before the procedure and prepares a test-drawing on you
  • Who precisely draws the shape of the tattoo with a pencil before finalizing it, so you can ask for further modifications in time
  • With whom you control the test drawing all along in the mirror
  • Who shows you a wide variety of colors and lets you choose
  • Who does not want to rush and complete the whole procedure in half an hour
  • Who does permanent makeup regularly as a main profession
  • Who provides you sufficient and appropriate information
  • With whom you feel yourself safe
  • Who works with safe materials
  • Whose recommendations came from reliable source
  • Who is always available to answer your questions

A good choice is very important for the first time. Correcting an imperfect permanent makeup is much more expensive, painful and takes longer. It is possible to improve the shape and color of the tattoo but it may never be perfect.

How painful is permanent makeup? We all have our own pain threshold; therefore, everyone bears pain differently. Our pain threshold can be various, depending on our mood, fatigue, hunger, menstrual cycle, position of the Moon, etc. The procedure is not without pain but I use special lidocain based creams to relieve it, few times during this process, whenever you ask for it. This way you can take it much easier. There are several advertisements about “painless permanent makeup”. Sadly those promises are not reflecting the truth and you should not believe them. In case such a method would exist, I would use that personally. But as you could read above, anesthetics make it much easier to take it. In addition, it is important to mention that the LaBina device is controlled by a microprocessor; therefore, it cannot pinch your skin deeper than a certain point so it will not be too hurtful for you. This will be reflected in the results too. In many cases my guests tell me after the procedure that they expected much more pain. Therefore, after the initial excitement they easily take everything until the permanent makeup is finished. Usually the fear of pain fades right after I start to work on them. Then my guests calm down and simply look forward to be done with the procedure.

Which permanent makeup hurts more?

Permanent Eyebrows are nearly totally painless during the procedure; only at the beginning can you feel some sort of irritation like sneezing. You feel only some dull vibration. Lot of my clients referred to it as it was better than an eyebrow plucking.

Permanent Eyeliner is more inconvenient simply because the procedure is directly around the eyes. Your eyes must be closed until I am finished with both the upper and lower eyelids. Due to the special stretching technique, your eyesight is protected entirely! During the whole process I stop occasionally so you can rest and your fear will fade with time. Most of my guests are more frightened before we begin and they get more comfortable once we started.

Permanent Lips consist of two parts. First of all comes the lining of the lips which is bearable even without anesthetics; the coloring is more inconvenient, especially at the middle of the lips. By using anesthetics you will not feel worse than if you were at the dentist. Therefore, sustaining this procedure is not too difficult. The most important thing is that you have the right attitude because it will already help you to react better to pain. In the end, only the result will matter anyway.

What can I do to make permanent makeup less painful?

Menstruation: Menstrual cycle strongly affect pain sensation. Three days before and after menstruation women tolerate pain harder. Therefore, I do not recommend making a permanent makeup in this 6-days interval.

Time factor: Manage your time correctly, so you do not have to hurry to somewhere right after finishing permanent makeup by me. Having to rush makes you nervous which can affect negatively how you take the pain.

Hunger: If you are hungry or thirsty, your pain threshold will diminish. You should not come to me with an empty belly.

Tiredness: Lack of sleep might make you less tolerant and more nervous. When you come to me, be rested.

Hydration: If your skin is sufficiently hydrated, your skin will be more elastic and the permanent makeup will hurt less. This factor is relevant even in the everyday life.

Solarium: You should avoid UV light 2-3 days before permanent makeup because it makes your skin dry and sensitive; this way the procedure becomes more inconvenient and painful.

What can I feel during the process of tattooing?

You will feel numbness around the area I work on. Additionally, there will be some mild vibration due to the device I use. This device’s sound might be just slightly noticeable, but it is not that loud as most of the other similar devices.

Will my skin become swollen?

There are differences between every patient. After Permanent Eyebrows, the area around the eyebrows will be a little bit red which passes away in 1-2 hours; mostly it is just the swelling that is noticeable for you. Eyelids usually swell more, for 1-2 days it might appear to others like you just cried. After Permanent Lips, patients with bigger lips look forward to have their lips subsided, but others even like this temporal side effect. Swelling of the lips might last 1-2 days maximum. Edema is a usual phenomenon which will not last for over 1-2 days; it fades away on its own. You can put ice gel or some kind of a frozen vegetable from the fridge on the tattooed skin at home in order to reduce swelling. Nevertheless, it is very important that your skin should touch only a dry and clean textile! Moisture, freezing cold and risk of infection should be avoided strictly!

How do I look like after it is done?

For a one week period your permanent makeup will be more intense and will seem like it was dyed recently. With time, during the process of pigmentation, it will look much more natural, harmonic, just like your own skin. Within 4 weeks, you should already see a color which is about 3-4 tones lighter.

Is there a wound or scab afterwards?

No, there is not! In the beginning it will have a bright color and in 4-7 days a thin membrane will come off the surface of the skin; the color of your permanent makeup will be more moderate due to this. This is similar to the dry skin when it starts to peel off. This means simply that your skin is healing properly; furthermore you might feel it slightly itchy.

How should I take care of my permanent makeup at home?

After your permanent makeup is done, I give you a special cream, which you have to use for 10-14 days during the healing process, several times daily. Make sure that the cream covers the whole surface all the time properly! This cream hydrates your skin and does not let it to dry up, which is important in order to keep pigmentation balanced. For the perfect result this is very relevant! If you let your skin to dry up, occasionally there will appear small spots without pigments on the tattooed surface. That is why I strictly recommend you to keep this cream by you at all times with a few cotton swabs so you can apply it regularly wherever you are.

How should I take care of my freshly prepared permanent makeup?

For at least 2 weeks, stay away from the solarium and direct sunbathing. Furthermore, avoid the beach, public baths, and the sauna. You have to protect it from all kinds of mechanical injuries and infections. Despite the itchy feeling, you must not scratch or rub it!

Is summer a good time for making permanent makeup?

Yes, it can be. But you have to avoid direct sunbathing and public baths or beaches for at least 2 weeks.

How long will my permanent makeup remain pretty?

It can be individually various. It depends on different things: age; hydration, fat content, structure, thickness of the skin; frequency of sunbathing or sauna usage. (For example, in case of a young person with oily skin, who uses solarium on a regular basis, may have slightly more difficulties because the pigments will wear off sooner.) It depends on the quantity and tone of the color that could be taken into the skin. The brighter color I use, the faster it wears off, so it might need refreshment sooner to make it look pretty continually. The darker the color is, the more durable it will be. So if your hair is bright, accordingly to that I will use a brighter color for Permanent Eyebrows for example. This is the only way it will look aesthetic but it also means that it will need to be refreshed more frequently. The situation is the same by Permanent Lips. Furthermore, using color black gives the best and most durable result regarding Permanent Eyeliner. To sum up, the general tendency by all kinds of permanent makeup is that they start to fade slowly with time.
When you feel that you need to draw on the tattoo with a makeup pencil or eyeliner every morning to emphasize the color and shape, then it is the time for refreshment.

Warranty Discounts

They apply to these procedures. Generally speaking, Permanent Eyebrows for 2-3 years, Permanent Lips and Permanent Eyeliner are pretty for 3-4 years. This is my personal experience about the majority of my clients.
I used other inks and devices in the past but I was not satisfied with the result. Usually these tattoos were not durable enough so I decided to change to the highest quality on the market, to LaBina technology. With this device I can prepare a much more precise and detailed work; and as for the inks, they are 2-3 times more persistent and they also remain in the skin for longer without color change or fading.


The LaBina technology (device and pigments) represents the highest quality on the field of permanent makeup, which is why it might be a little bit more expensive than some other brands.
I had many clients who came to me already with a finished permanent makeup, which was cheaper, prepared with lower quality pigments and a simple device, without planning and consultation. They asked me to correct their tattoos. Most of the time it was too late when they realized their mistake. They came to me for help, wondered whether or not I can correct their permanent makeup. Sadly, a correctional procedure is usually difficult and slow; moreover, perfection is not possible in many cases. Usually at first we need to get the old ink out of the skin with REJUVI emulsion (biochemical tattoo removal) or with laser therapy. Only after that can we start making a prettier, new permanent makeup. In case the original tattoo is not totally bad, I can use a so called “camouflage” technique, which just masks the old tattoo and then we can prepare the new one on top of the old, masked one.
In conclusion, you can save a lot of money, energy and time if you rather choose a more expensive technology at first.