Permanent Lips: 3D Misty, Full Color or Classic Contour

LaBina’s Specialty

This technology can help to turn your mouth more attractive and full. The advantages of your lips will be emphasized; meanwhile the disadvantages will be hidden. Do you feel like your lips are thin or not colorful enough? Do you have an injury, a scar or remains of herpes? Permanent Lips might be the answer for your problem.

Previously done and messed up Permanent Lips

LaBina is a great technology for correctional procedures; the result is full and evenly colored lips.

In case you already had Permanent Lips procedure but the pigments did not remain in your lips or became spotty

A lot depends on the device and the professional who prepares the permanent makeup. The device should pinch the skin evenly over time and the professional should move the device correctly. In case your Permanent Lips are not evenly colored, one of the two factors worked improperly. LaBina’s pigments will certainly remain in the lips for years.

Liner Technique

This forms the shape of your lips, just like a contour. The main goal is to remain natural and to improve the shape and color of your lips.

Half coloring

Firstly I tattoo the contour that I planned earlier. Afterwards, from outside to inside, I start to color your lips gradually fading. The result is natural and soft look. I would recommend this type of coloring for those with thicker lips, so there will be a better color transition.

Full coloring

Contour comes first, just like by half coloring. This type of coloring makes your lips evenly colored, reflecting a full, lipstick effect. This technique is appropriate for everyone. Although, in case your lips are thin, probably I would recommend rather this for you.

Choosing color

The chosen color greatly influences the overall effect. By half coloring, choosing a brighter and softer color might be better for the natural look. By full coloring, both dark and bright tones might be good choices. I suggest you to bring your favorite lipstick or lip gloss, so we can compare the colors to something.


Due to herpes, the lips’ contour fades. Therefore, especially those who suffer from this problem should have a Permanent Lips done. Sadly, stress might reactivate this virus, so Permanent Lips could cause problems. The good news is that there are several anti-herpes products that can prevent this phenomenon. Further information will be provided in my salon in person.

About the pain

Pain sensation depends on the person’s pain threshold, but I use anesthetic all along which relieves the pain.