Master Class

The master classes are held by Méhn Tünde, an internationally recognized PMU specialist and trainer.
We dedicate our Master Classes to PMU artists who have previous experience in the given PMU technique.

Why are the Master Classes useful for you?

Tünde has been travelling the world as trainer for years, so he has gained huge experience in how to pass on her knowledge by giving a powerful push to your PMU career.
PMU profession is continuously developing, guest’s demand are changing, increasing.
Keep up with the newest trends, come to Tünde Méhn PMU ART SCHOOL and measure up to a higher level in your profession on this very extremely inspiring education!


I am interested in taking the course

What is the build-up of a one-day Master Class?

I. Theoretical education

You get printed educational material to all of the presented techniques, so you can revise the heard things again at home.
Tünde gives a really detailed description of the following topics during her theoretical education:
- color theory and dermatology
- mechanical action of the skin due to needle puncture
- symmetry, pre-drawing, selection of suitable pigments and needles, ideal shape, etc.
- Implementing the given technique

II. Presentation work

After theory, the next will be Tünde’s live model presentation, which you can observe from close.
This is very useful for you as an experienced PMU artist, because you can catch every tiny detail which develops your knowledge!

III. Practice and realization

After you become aware of the theoretical and practical aspects of the technique, the next step is practicing on Latex. Its advantage is that you can try several techniques according to the educational day.
(e.g.:Ombre eyebrows: 4 kinds of technique, Lip tattoo: 4 kinds of technique)
Tünde follows your work step by step, helps your movements.
The goal is that essential motions become stable and after going home you can make the new technique for your guest with confidence!

(Practice of tattoo removal is performed on live model, supervised by Tünde.)

Optional PMU techniques:

Most popular educated techniques:

  • Hairstroke eyebrow tattoo – combined with powder effect
  • Ombre eyebrows – powder effect, soft gradient shading
  • Transformation of ruined eyebrow PMU with Camouflage technique
    -with detailed color theory training
  • Lip tattoo with full lips effect and Pearly Lips, the novelty of 2019
    - with 1 or more colors
  • Classic eyelid contour – upper and lower eyelids
  • Misty Eye Shadow – shaded powder effect eyelid tattoo
  • Tattoo removal

The techniques listed here are usually announced in every few months, for small group education.
If the training you are interested in is not advertised or already fully booked, please contact us personally.

Prices of the Master Classes:

The more day you participate the higher discount you get, which you can see below.

Master Classes in Hungary, Budapest:

1 day – 500 Euro + VAT
2 days – 900 Euro + VAT
3 days – 1275 Euro + VAT
4 days – 1600 Euro + VAT
5 days – 1875 Euro + VAT

The prices on our website are general guide prices, we reserve the right to change the price.
At the same time, we would point out that the prices of advertised courses are not retrospectively changed.

Other substantial information

  • Training-leader: Tünde Méhn PMU speacialist, international PMU trainer, cosmetician
  • What you have to bring: your PMU device, white change of clothes and slippers, besides these we provide all the tools for you

I am available for further questions and applications:
Gergely Balázs
Education organizer and sales manager
+36 20 26 876 26