Lips PMU from A to Z

Permanent makeup is becoming more and more popular and can now be applied to more and more areas. While earlier everyone used to ask for eyebrow PMU, nowadays it’s certainly nothing new for anyone to have permanent makeup on their eyelids and lips. Of course, vitiligo, HFS and areola are also types of permanent makeup, but let’s not get into them now (there’s nothing to worry about, we will discuss them later, too).

When many people think of permanent lip makeup, what comes to their mind is the lip contour lines done in the 1990s, but like everything else, permanent makeup has gone through an evolution, and a good professional knows what is aesthetic, beautiful, fashionable, they will be able to create not only lip contours, but also a beautifully executed lipstick-effect lip PMU.

Achieving lipstick and full effect in today’s lip PMU trends is the most important aspect, but of course everyone has their own character, which will be taken into consideration by a good professional and will create a unique PMU.

No two permanent makeup are done to look identical! Every person has a PMU created to suit their own features, colors and style, so even though there is a fixed number of techniques and ways of execution, no one will have the same permanent makeup as you!

Let’s talk about permanent lip makeup, as there’s still a kind of ambiguity and many people ask why anyone would want a lip PMU.

Here are some answers:

– because the lips will be full, so in many cases there is no need for lip filling

– because there is no need to use a lipstick, lip gloss or contour pencil

– because it does not smear and is also durable

– because it is also sweat-resistant, so it stays beautiful even during sports

– because it looks natural, but still gives that extra look with its color and effect

– because aesthetic and asymmetrical defects can easily be corrected with it

– because there are a lot of techniques, so from modest to extreme, anything is possible

I will show you the most popular techniques

Lip contour

Lip contour was in fashion in the 90’s, but even today there are many lady guests who just need a contour to keep their lips symmetrical. It is very rare for professionals to use contouring alone, because it is a bit outdated and it is the shading that can provide a really spectacular and effective result.

Red Lip Contour

The half shading permanent lip makeup

In this case, only half of the lips are shaded and a nice transition is created from the edge of the lips inwards. The transition between the original color of the lips and the chosen color is done to make it look like a natural makeup. The contour line of the lips is also created, with which the specialist ensures the symmetry of the lips. This shading technique is especially recommended for guests with thicker, fuller lips, because a bigger space is needed for a nice gradient. Here you should usually choose only one color. Make sure it is a color that you like to wear on an everyday basis and suits your personality.

Half Shadin Lip PMU

The full shading permanent lip makeup

In this case, the whole lip is shaded. With this technique, a contour can also be made, but not by all professionals do it. Of course, it also depends on the original shape and the symmetry of the lips. If the lips are not symmetrical enough, there is a high probability that a soft contour will be done. The final result will be fuller and richer. This technique is recommended both for thinner and thicker lips. Ask an expert for an opinion on colors, and if you have an idea and your favorite lipsticks, be sure to take them with you!

Full shading lip PMU

The 3D effect permanent lip makeup

This permanent lip makeup provides the fullest effect. Here, a colour gradient is created by using multiple colors. The lip contour is also done, of course, as it will border the lips and ensure the symmetry. This type of technique is recommended for guests with thicker lips, as enough surface area is needed to create a gradient. It’s a good idea to bring a lipstick, lip gloss or lip liner pencil to the appointment to find the perfect color with the help of a specialist.

3D lip PMU

Pearly Lips permanent makeup

Thanks to the unique lip PMU technique developed by Tünde Méhn, your lips get the real full 3D effect by creating a pearly light. In this technique, only the middle part of the lower lip is shaded with a lighter shade of the chosen color, giving the permanent lip makeup a lipstick effect while giving it a fuller and richer effect.

Pearly Lips PMU

Now you know what permanent lip makeup techniques exist and also know that there are other options besides contouring and it is possible to achieve a full, rich effect on the lips without more serious cosmetic procedures. Having permanent lip makeup done is possible even if you already have lip filling, but if you have difficulty deciding which one you want first, ask a good professional for an opinion.

Which technique do you like with lip tattoos?