Basic class

For the well established PMU artist profession

The PMU basic class is good for you...

- If you would like to get professional support.
- If you want to get immediate PMU knowledge.
- If you want to learn in Hungary’s No. 1 PMU training centre.
- If you want to put your PMU knowledge on an assured base.
- If you want to get an internationally accepted diploma.

I would like to be a PMU artist!

Reach your goals!

Our most important goal beyond the innovational development and creating professional works, is to lay the foundations for the future of the Hungarian PMU profession. We keep it very important to put your knowledge on that kind of assured bases that serve this purpose faithfully and represent it rightly. Tünde Méhn, the world famous PMU artist and her professional team is the best mentor base for you. Our trainings provide you that kind of techniques, expertise and education with which you can build a unique PMU artist career for yourself!

New. Unique. Innovative.

  • You will get a more than 60 pages long textbook for all kind of basic class types to make your learning easier
  • You will get a practice orientated classroom education for the knowledge you can use immediately
  • We ensure you an E-learning educational system in addition to the classroom learning.
  • Home practice videos for the professional fine motoring hand gestures
  • The online learning materials will be reachable till 1 more month after a successful exam

Learn in the Tünde Méhn PMU Art International School!

My place is here too!

PMU artist basic classes.
Which one would you like to start?


Do you have any doubts about the classes?

  • You want to learn creating PMU, but there is a huge supply and you can’t decide which one?
  • If you look at the price of a professional PMU machine then your stomach tightens?
  • You can’t find an authentic tutor in this profession?

Don’t waste your time!

Get rid of these thoughts because...

  • The Tünde Méhn PMU Art International School is the No. 1 PMU training centre in Hungary where you can learn everything about permanent make up.
  • We can ensure instalment payment for our PMU machines to the students of the Tünde Méhn PMU Art International School.
  • Learn from Tünde Méhn, who teaches the make-up tattoo profession on international conferences and not from those who get their knowledge from these conferences.
Here it is my time, let’s start it!

This is how you can be a PMU artist!

  • 1

    Would you like to learn creating PMU?
    Let’s read through the Tünde Méhn PMU Art International School class supplies.

  • 2

    Don’t stay without questions.
    Fill the "I am interested in the classes" form and our colleagues will get in touch with you.

  • 3

    Congratulations for you successful application!
    Before the training date our colleagues will continuously inform You about the details.

  • 4

    Ready, steady, go!
    For the first time, besides practicing, there will also be a focus on the theoretical part and a live demonstration by a PMU Artist. You will also be able to choose the type of your PMU machine, for which you can pay in interest-free instalments.

  • 5

    Practice up! The class is formed so that you will have enough time to practice the learned techniques between the sessions. The latex exercises are mentored and supervised by the PMU trainer via online.

  • 6

    Are you ready for the second round?
    The second session is very similar to the first one. After the theory education, you can watch the tutor’s demonstration on a live model which is followed by an intense latex training.

  • 7

    Preparing for the exam!
    You will need a lot of practice to successfully pass the exam, which you need to pass to your tutor continuously.

  • 8

    Practice on the extra
    practice day

    to make your knowledge and your technique perfect!

  • 9

    Exam day. You will do your exam work on a live model under the constant supervision of the tutor who leads the training.

  • 10

    Congratulations! You have become a PMU artist!

  • 11

    But this is not the end,
    as you are now part of the PMU Art Club, where you can ask anytime.

Okay, I am with it!

First Step Basic Class Package

With Anett Láng and Bea Szűr PMU trainers starts a 3 occasion basic class, where you will learn the ombre eyebrow PMU technique only as this is the most popular among guests. On the training you will spend 3 x 1 days with your PMU trainer in a small group when you will do PMU theory, practice on latex and watch you PMU trainer perform the PMU technique on live model. In between occasion you will have enough time to your home work. During these times you can reach your PMU trainer online.


Complete Basic Class Package

This is the perfectly effective 3 x 2 days long training with Inez Wirth and Nikolett Kocsis that we originally had. On the eyebrow trainings you will do ombre and hair stroke eyebrow PMU technique and you can also choose the lips and eyelid PMU techniques. The training includes live model performance and practice on latex, while you do PMU theory and several different technical tasks as well, so you can do the PMU techniques confidently on your PMU exams. In between the occasions you will have plenty of time to do your home work and practice and in case any questions, you can reach your PMU trainer online.


Por Basic Class Package

This package is only availbale on the eyebrow PMU training of Tünde Méhn. On a brand new 4 x 2 days occasion basic class you will learn the ombre and the hair stroke eyebrow PMU techniques. Before the last occasion, when you will do your exam, you will get an extra practice day with Bea Szűr and Lotti Bodzási where you can do the two techniques on your own models step by step under your PMU trainer’s supervision. With this you will have a better view on the exam task and you will be more confident.


1 képzés = 10 fa

A sminktetoválás jövőjét mi építjük, de ehhez szükség van egy biztos jövőre! Bolygónk állapota a mi kezünkben van, ezért azonnal kell cselekednünk, hogy megállítsuk a klímakatasztrófát. 2020-tól minden befizetett képzés után ültetünk 10 fát, így nemcsak az oktatásra váltasz jegyet, hanem egy zöldebb jövőre is!

Feedback about us

Anita Jurek
Tünde is an exceptionally submissive tutor who wants to give all her knowledge to her students and this was appreciable on the basic training too. I have learnt an enormous knowledge during the training and I know that these mean an assured base for me in the future.
Jurek Anita
Bernadett Korpás-Új
It was a really professional and mastery training which expanded all the tiny details too. The student book which belongs to the training is unique; you can’t find this kind of detailed and useful material anywhere else. There have been a lot of work behind it and it seems on it.
Group 7
Kincső Lilla Botos
It is simply graded for no 5*. The training itself was world-classy. Tünde’s humility towards her profession is exemplary; she gave me an enormous knowledge. The classroom is really modern, simple and it is equipped with the latest tools.


Get a PMU Diploma!


If you successfully finished the lips, eyelid, ombre eyebrow and hair stroke eyebrow PMU basic classes, then you have all the knowledge to receive a PMU Diploma.
The PMU Diploma can only be given to those who received their certificates on the PMU Art International School basic classes.
The PMU Diploma is an opportunity to move to the Knowledge Raising Trainings and the Masterclasses.

PMU machine
without which making tattoos is impossible


For the start of you job you will need a make-up tattoo machine too, that’s why on the training we will give you a detailed professional instructions about them. You will have possibility to try many types of them, so you can choose that machine which the best suits to you and which is the most likeable for you!

On the training we give you next to the entire make-up tattoo machine a high value make-up supplementary product package as a gift which is necessary for the start of the job.


Which make-up tattooing machine fits for you?