Eyebrow Basic Class

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What kind of techniques will you learn on the training?

Ombre eyebrow PMU:
Exclusively just at the Tünde Méhn PMU Art International School! This is the completion of the powdery eyebrow PMU technique that not only shows a powdery appearance but also a transition from a darker colour to a lighter colour. It was necessary due to the unique features of the guests to make the eyebrows darker in some areas and lighter in other areas.

Hair stroke eyebrow PMU:
There are many diverse fibre structures and enrichment techniques for a natural effect for a more realistic final result. The main feature of the threading is that the shape of the eyebrows is made up of very fine, thin fibres. The secret of that is the master arrangement of the fibres, their proper inclination, their thickness and their length.

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The thematic of the
eyebrow basic class

Thematic Why is it important for you?
Hygienic basic rules Master the prevention of cross-contamination and blood borne pathogens and all phases of hygiene principles that apply to make up tattoos.
The structure of the skin You will get a detailed knowledge about the „painting canvas” of the make-up tattoos, so about the skin.
Factors which influence tattooing Make-up tattoos can be influenced by several factors, including external, internal or inherited. Based on their precise knowledge, the used PMU technique should be selected.
Effect of the tattooing for the skin You will learn the biochemical and mechanical effects that occur in the skin during tattooing.
Dermatological eyebrow at PMU level On the beautician training you have already learned about dermatology, but now you will be focusing on one area, the eyebrow area, to gain new knowledge about it from the PMU sides.
Colour theory The proper colour theory is essential for the great make-up tattoos. Choosing the pigment is an integral part of the curriculum, you will learn the basics of colour theory and the process of mixing the colours.
Skin care during the make-up tattooing Learn how to use the ROSA Herbal Skin Care make-up tattoo product line, which puts the skin in that position that it receives and retains the tattoo pigments as easily as possible without resistance, optimizing the healing processes.
Method of the eyebrow anaesthesia You will know the best aesthetic products, a combination of these to tattoo painlessly.
Eyebrow stretching techniques You will learn the proper skin stretching, because if the skin is not stretched well, the tattooed fibres will be thicker.
Contraindication It is not always possible to make a make-up tattoo and not for everyone. You will get to know these cases in the basic training.
Needle theory You will learn that when and what type of make-up tattooing needle should be used.
Pigment theory With your pigment theoretical knowledge you will know what pigment combinations you can apply to your clients.
Make-up tattoo machine treatment You will learn how to set the length of the needles, the stroke rate, and all other make-up tattoo equipment settings during the training.
Inform the Guests and the statements of consent We help you to know besides your make-up tattooing knowledge that how you can make the perfect consent statements.
Eyebrow design There are many aspects to designing the perfect eyebrow shape because each of your guests will come to you with a unique face design.
Eyebrow pre-drawing techniques A good blueprint is the base of your work. During the training you will learn how to make a pinpoint sketch that makes the make-up tattooing easier.
Checking the symmetry There are many ways to check the symmetry of pre-drawing. You will learn each technique in detail during the training.
Process of the eyebrow tattooing From the arrival of your guest till her departure there are many different steps which you can get to know through the live model make-up tattooing demonstration.
Ombre eyebrow technique You will also learn the Ombre eyebrow tattoo’s steps, the proper hand gestures and depth and the correct inclination too.
Fine shading hand gestures As the part of the exercise, the tutors will show you the techniques of the Ombre eyebrow fine motors. The directions, the hand pressure, the speed and the inclination of them.
Threaded eyebrow technique You will learn the hand gestures of threading, how to make the precise adjustments of your make-up tattoo machine and how you can hold your handheld unit for the precise threading.
Sort of the threads You will learn how to build a natural-looking eyebrow from fibre to fibre. How thick, how long, what direction and what angle should you need for that.
Rules of the aftercare You will be able to teach your guests the steps and rules of the aftercare with confidence.
Eyebrow correction techniques The eyebrow tattoo is not one occasion. The second time you will have to make the correction, which will not cause any problems after the training.

Exam works of our successfully passed students

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Eyebrow masterclasses which are based on basic classes


Important information

  • 3x1, 3x2, 4x2 occasions eyebrow PMU basic classes (Ombre, Hair Stroke)
  • Duration of the training: 1-2 month
  • Requisition: beautician qualification
  • Number of the participants: max 6 persons

Starting trainings

First step basic class package

Ombre technique 1 x 1 1 x 1 1 x 1

Normal basic class package

Ombre/ Hair stroke technique 1 x 2 1 x 2 1 x 2

Pro basic class with
Tünde Méhn

Ombre/ Hair stroke technique 1 x 2 1 x 2 1 x 2 1 x 2

Cost of the trainings

Tutor / Venue Cost of training with the purchase of machinery Cost of training without purchase of machinery
Tünde Budapest 565.000 Ft + VAT 665.000 Ft + VAT
Nikolett Budapest 465.000 Ft + VAT 465.000 Ft + VAT
Inez Pécs 465.000 Ft + VAT 465.000 Ft + VAT
Anett* Pécs 255.000 Ft + VAT 255.000 Ft + VAT
Bea* Budapest 175.000 Ft + VAT 175.000 Ft + VAT

*the prices refer to the First step basic class package that includes the ombre technique only on a 3x1 day session training.

**we reserve the right to change prices!