Lips and Eyelid
Basic Class

Lips and Eyelid Basic Class, to complete
your PMU supply.


What kind of techniques can you learn at the class?

Lips PMU

Lips contour– The first step of the lips PMU is the drawing of the contour which ensures the perfect form of the lips. Of course the lips contour does not separate from the shading, but forms a beautiful, homogeneous surface.

Half lips shading – After the designed lips contour, with a half lips shading technique can be created using an inward, gradually shading technique. The final result is a soft, natural effect.

Full lips shading - The first step also the lips contour, than going inward with a smooth shading technique you can make the full lips shading. In this way the final result will have a full and rich effect.


Eyelid PMU

Upper Eyelid contour – The perfect eyelid contour PMU that matches to the guest’s personality and eyes' shape can be learned during the basic class. The eyeliner PMU require a very careful and subtle technique from the PMU artist.

Lower Eyelid contour – An accurate, definite and prudent method, which has developed for the lower eyelid contouring, can be learned at the basic class. Making the lower eyelid PMU is one of the most difficult tasks for a beginner PMU artist, as there are many potential mistakes in this area.

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The thematic of
the Lips and Eyelid PMU basic class

Lips and Eyelid tattooing basic class thematic. Why is it important for you?
Hygienic basic rules Learn how you can prevent of the cross-contamination and blood borne pathogens and all phases of hygiene principles that apply to make up tattoos.
The structure of the skin You will get all the important knowledge of the skin in so many words.
Factors which influence tattooing You can choose perfectly the proper make-up tattooing technique if you know all the influencing factors. You can get detailed information about the external, internal and inherit factors.
Effect of the tattooing for the skin You will learn in so many words about the biochemical and mechanical effects that occur in the skin during tattooing.
Dermatological lips and eyelid at PMU level You have already known dermatology from your beautician training, but now you will get even more knowledge about the lips and eyelids that your knowledge would be perfect in the view of make-up tattooing.
Colour theory Colour theory gives you that kind of knowledge which is essential for you to know how you can choose the right pigments and how you can mix the colours perfectly.
Skin care during the make-up tattooing We ensure you all the important information to learn how to use the ROSA Herbal Skin Care. This product line has developed for make-up tattoos, so the use of them will help that the treated surface will be more resistant, hydrated and receive and retain the pigments and make the healing process easier.
Method of the lips and eyelids anaesthesia We show you those products which necessary for the painless tattooing and you will learn everything about the combination of the best anaesthetics.
Lips and Eyelids stretching techniques The stretching techniques are different on the lips and the eyelids, which application you will learn perfectly on the training.
Contraindication We will show you such live examples from which you will see when and who can be applied the make-up tattoos.
Contraindication You will learn the proper use of the needle which depends on the technique.
Pigment theory Thanks to the pigment basic theory you will know easily that for you guest which pigment combination will be needed.
Make-up tattoo machine treatment You must learn the perfect machine treatments such as how you can set the length of the needle or the number of the stroke during the training.
Inform the Guests and the statements of consent We help you to know besides your make-up tattooing knowledge that how you can make the perfect consent statements.
Lips and Eyelids design You will learn how you can design the perfect eyelid contour and the beautiful, full lips.
Lips and Eyelids pre-drawing techniques We will teach you, making the make-up tattooing easier, how you can make the perfect and pinpoint pre-drawing as the blueprint is the base of your work.
Checking the symmetry Symmetry is one of the important part of the pre-drawing which checking you can do in many different ways. We will show you them fully.
The process of the lips and eyelids tattooing From the arrival of your guest till her departure there are many different steps which you can get to know through the live model make-up tattooing demonstration.
Lips technique Sharp contour + half shading and full shading.
Eyelids technique Elegant, classic contour with sharp flick.
Rules of the aftercare You will learn everything about the importance and the process of the aftercare that you can give the proper instructions to your guests.
Lips and Eyelids correction techniques Lips and Eyelids correction techniques

Exam works of our successfully passed students

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Lips and eyelids masterclasses based on basic classes.


Important information

  • 3x2 occasions lips and eyelids PMU basic classes

  • Duration of the training: 1 month

  • Requisition: beautician qualification

  • Number of the students: max 4 persons

Starting trainings

Lips and Eyelids basic training with Nikolett Kocsis

Lips / Eyelids basic training 1 x 2 day 1 x 2 day 1 x 2 day

Lips and Eyelids basic training with Inez Wirth

Lips / Eyelids basic class 1 x 2 days 1 x 2 days 1 x 2 days

Lips and Eyelids basic training with Anett Láng

Lips / Eyelids basic class 1 x 2 days 1 x 2 days 1 x 2 days

Training prices

Trainer / Place Price
Inez Pécs 395.000 Ft + Áfa
Anett Pécs 395.000 Ft + Áfa
Nikolett Budapest 395.000 Ft + Áfa