It is an Educational Centre where learning is an experience.

Tünde Méhn took part in many international master trainings, conferences and PMU seminars as a tutor. The equipment of the training places was not always comfortable and practical for the permanent makeup trainings. With the help of her long years’ experience, during the designing of her training centre in Budapest, she applied exclusively that kind of furnishment and tools which can ensure a perfect place for learning to the students.

Learning is an experience here with us!

6 things why you will love to learn here



At Tünde Méhn’s training centre it is guaranteed that you will be in the focus. The bright, spacious and simple classroom ensures inspiriting and friendly scene to the permanent makeup trainings. With its modern facilities and minimal style it creates nice atmosphere for you to enjoy all minutes of the training.


The training centre design was specifically designed for permanent makeup. Thanks to its well-structured layout, for the theoretical and latex practical training sessions we provide you a large surface area for learning the new skills comfortably. And for the live modelling training, we have created handy workstations for you where you can use high-end permanent makeup tools.


You can get to the training centre easily by public transport, car and bicycle too. The parking possibilities are great around the training centre. You can get to the town centre easily by public transport and car too. The infrastructural abilities’ level is proper around the school.


The Tünde Méhn PMU Art International School provides you all inclusive care in premium quality in its trainings. We know how gratifying can be a rich aroma, fresh, hot coffee on a long training day which can crown your day with its unique coffee experience. Neither the lunch break is usual as we prepare with buffet and succulent home-made lemonade for you. And throughout the whole training we will favour You with craft cakes and delicious soft drinks.


All the tools, supplies and products you need at your training will be at your hands. We also offer free use of machine if you have left your make-up tattoo machine at home or you have not wanted to bring it with you.

Unforgettable experience

Our PMU trainers will create an inspirational and friendly environtment on your class. You don’t have to be afraid! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask or if you would like to say something to your PMU trainer or classmates, feel free to do so! Our PMU trainers want to bring out the best of you, but we need your contribution, so if you feel like something is holding you back, tell us so we can make your training an unforgettable experience!

We designed it for You

75*75 cm table surface

Led square lamp for everyone

86” 4K TV

Full HD camera for the elaborated followings of the demonstratio

Professional sound system

Ensure permanent makeup device

Premium products

All inclusive service

  1. 1

    During the training you will have comfortable space and your classmates won’t disturb you.

  2. 2

    With a quality lightning you will be able to create more beautiful and more detailed creations.

  3. 3

    You can learn the secrets of permanent makeup in a breathtaking resolution.

  4. 4

    Detailed visual viewing that you won’t miss any single gestures and have a look at the tattooing up close.

  5. 5

    At a higher number of participants’ trainings we use audio technology to support the fluidity of the communication.

  6. 6

    If you haven’t brought your permanent makeup device with you, we ensure one for you for free.

  7. 7

    Our students work only with top level products for the sake of an incredible final result.

  8. 8

    You have to concentrate only for studying in our trainings; because we ensure you the lunch, soft drinks and coffee.