Knowledge Raising

Do you have imperfections?
Don’t worry about it! We will get the most out of you!



  • You feel that your knowledge is not enough for a masterclass.
  • You would like to take part on that kind of class where you can practice on a live model.
  • You want to take part that kind of training which is specially created for your needs.
  • You are uncertain about which needle module, number of strokes, tilt and length of needle’s application together is good for the perfect implementation of a given technique.
  • You do not know that within a work how many needles, techniques and colour paints you should apply.
  • You can’t make the right pigmentation, if the pigment does not stay in the skin properly.
  • You have problem with the stretching of the skin or if you feel that the needle sticks in sometimes.

What is the difference between the Knowledge Rising Class and the Masterclass?

On the Knowledge Raising Class the focus will be on your missing or incorrect skills during a PMU procedure with a certain technique.

On the Knowledge Raising class your PMU trainer will show the technique on latex with high focus on the parts where you need to improve. The class is 100% practice where you’ll get a workbook instead of a textbook with loads of tasks.

In contrast on the masterclass you will learn the highest level of a given technique. We recommend the masterclass if you have enough experience of the given technique and you have just somen minimal of the above mentioned „base” imperfections.

On the masterclass the pace is more intensive, hence you need prior experience in the technique. You will have loads of time to practice the given technique and you will also see your PMU tutot showing the technique on a model step by step. On an extra practice day you can also do the given technique on a model under the supervision of the PMU tutor.

The chance of the practice is also given to you to have a perfect technique!

I would like to make it perfect

A You can learn the following techniques on the Master Training:

Cost of Knowledge
Raising Class

Tutor / Place of the training Price/day
Anett / Pécs 98.500 HUF + VAT
Bea / Budapest 98.500 HUF + VAT
Inez / Pécs 98.500 HUF + VAT
Nikolett / Budapest 98.500 HUF + VAT


Jurek Anita
The PMU Art School works on it that we, the permanent makeup artists, can improve much more. Tünde is a really determined women who insists on the study, but it is really necessary from a trainer and I really like this character in her.
Jurek Anita
Korpás – Új Bernadett
It is my third home. It was very important to me that I took part in a few weeks training, so I was not afraid so much at my first tattooing. From Tünde the love of permanent makeup comes from and she tries to stick it on us too.
Group 7
Botos Kincső Lilla:
What it is exemplary for me that you can ask anytime and anything. I don’t feel that the knowledge is being feared. I like it in Tünde that she always feels that she can improve more and she wants to be more in her level and she can show new things.