Master Trainings

Buy your ticket to among the professional PMU artists.

After Tünde’s master trainings
you will be able to create breathtaking PMU.,

You will be able to fill your calendar with qualitative guests and double your income.

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The Master Training is for you...

- If you would like to learn unique PMU techniques.
- If you want to make your PMU technique perfect.
- If you want to raise your PMU knowledge to a higher level.
- If you want to learn exclusively from Tünde Méhn master tutor.

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Get to know the structure of the master trainings.


The PMU profession has been developing continuously and at the same time the demands of the guests has also been changing and growing continuously. You should be trendy, always renewable, trained and enthusiastic that the development would be undiminished. It is essential even at the bases that you meet these criteria as a PMU artist if you want to build a constructive career. We recommend our master courses to you if you want to improve and would like to keep the steps with the newest trends. We give you self-confidence; we teach you world-famous techniques, meticulous, precise implementations on these master trainings, after which the professional PMU knowledge will become more, than just a desire for you. Self-confidence, master knowledge and satisfied guests. We guarantee this for you on our trainings!

Why should you choose Tünde Méhn’s master trainings?

We give you all the knowledge!

  • Because, thanks to Tünde’s special teaching method, you will understand everything immediately.
  • Because on Tünde’s detailed lessons you will meet many caseworks which show you real situations.
  • Because Tünde’s trainings are practice orientated for the sake of learning the PMU techniques perfectly.
  • Because you will get an internationally accepted diploma.
  • Because Tünde recognises the students professional imperfections immediately, so she can help where it is necessary.
  • Because, thanks to the given knowledge, you will go through on a fast development.

Master trainings

where your development is in the centre!


Extra practice day
that the implementation would be perfect!


On the master training you practice on latex too and after the training we let you practice on live models too if you want to deepen the obtained knowledge and if you would like to apply the new knowledge in real situation with the help of the trainer. On the extra practice day please bring a model with you. The extra practice days can host 6 students.

Why do we recommend the extra practice day to you?

  • It is worth to practice the new techniques on latex at first, not on a live model. The feeling of responsibility says this order.
  • It depends on your developmental, cleverness level that how many practices you need on latex to learn the new technique perfectly.
  • If you work on latex easily then the time is perfect for you to show the implementation of the new technique on a live model too.
  • Just in this case can be guaranteed that you will have a successful experience and your knowledge will be perfect and successful methodologically.
  • In this way on the extra practice day your results will not be accidental, but the true knowledge, the steady hands and the practiced movements will ensure the correct and perfect execution of your work.

master trainings

1 training = 10 trees

We build the future of PMU for you, but for that we need your help too! We must save our planet from the climate changing so we are working on a greener future with all our strength. In 2020, after each paid training, we will plant 10 trees at the area of Mecsek. We do for our environment in this way!

Here your make-up tattooist desires
will be true!

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