Create the perfect „cat-eye” PMU!

Misty Eyeshadow technique was brought to life by the now widespread shading make-ups. The function of the technique is to provide a delicate, powdery make-up for everyday use, thus making the morning make-up easier. The Misty Eyeshadow can be made in many different colours, and you should choose the right shades for the guest’s eyes colours. The solid black Misty Eyeshadow eyelid tattoo provides a great base for guests to apply additional make-up on their eyelids, making the complicated look make-up easier.

I will learn the technique

This technique is different from the others.

You start it at the base of the eyelashes to give a beautiful, elegant, black contour to your guest’s eyes. Here, the technique differs from the traditional eyelid contour. For a smoky, mysterious effect, moving upward on the eyelids and outward toward the temples with powdery shading and a powdery pigmentation with it you create a subtle transition to the skin colour so that the pigment gradually fades. The tiny, precise and secure hand needed pixel shading technique ensures maximum powdery effect.

Here it is a taste of the latest Misty Eyeshadow Master Training.

Have you ever happened similar things with you?

  • Are you in a trouble if your guests want you to make them shading eyelid tattoos, as you have done simple eyelid contour yet?
  • Can’t you always create the right shape? Is pre-drawing sometimes a disaster for you and can last hours?
  • Have you never been able to make solid powdery shading as you want to do it?
  • Are you struggling with the eyelid tattoo pigmentation because there is nothing left in your guest’s skin?
  • There is another „sad-eyed” guest again, and you don’t know how you can „raise her eyes up” and open her look?

Let’s learn the technique of Misty Eyeshadow and…

  • You won’t need to say “no” if your guests want to ask for shaded eyelid tattoos from you.
  • There is no more designing for hours and no more uncertainty in connection with the right shape.
  • Don’t let that the technique of the soft shading stays just a dream for you. After this training the fine, powdery shading will be an everyday routine for you.
  • It’s time for you to catch up! The pixel effect conquers at the area of eyelid tattoos, and the Misty Eyeshadow technique brings that to you!
  • Forget your limits in connection with the eyelid tattoos! Tünde Méhn teaches you how you can sort those specifically hard exercises which can come up during making shading eyelid tattoos.

On the Misty Eyeshadow training you will learn...

  • The pre-drawing of the eyelid tattoos which fit the best for the form of the face.
  • The precise hand gestures, the proper directions and inclinations that are necessary to the powdery shading.
  • The most important machine and needle settings for the pixel effect technique.
  • The professional implementation of the visual lifting of the eyes.
  • The effective pigment implantation on the eyelids.
  • The stretching techniques you should apply during the eyelid tattooing.

You can develop fast thanks to the Misty Eyeshadow training!

Our students’ works after the Misty Eyeshadow training.

Feedback about us

Virágh Nikolett
Tünde’s training solved my technical problems, and now I pre-draw the eyelid tattoos more aesthetically and more elaborate. The biggest help was when Tünde personally checked how we hold our hands and our correct hand gestures and then she showed everyone what needed to change. It was clear immediately who had some faults.
Pénzes Mona
The most prominent part of the training was Tünde’s live model eyelid tattoo demonstration, where I could observe how she created the Misty Eyeshadow eyelid shades. I have already attended several trainings, but Tünde became my favourite tutor because she honestly shared with us her experience and her old technical mistakes.
Katona Nikolett
I was curious how Tünde could achieve this spectacular pixel effect on the eyelids. As far as training is concerned, my expectation was that I could apply all, which I had learned, the following day, and I succeeded. The technique was helped by Tünde’s live model demonstration, where I was able to observe all her movements; and the latex practice where she showed us the right hand gestures by holding our hands.

Important Information

  • Cost of the master training: 500 Eur + VAT
  • Cost of the extra practice day: 350 Eur + VAT
  • Date of Misty Eyeshadow Master Training 2021.05.31
  • Date of the extra practice day of Misty Eyeshadow: COMING SOON
  • Place of training: Budapest Tünde Méhn PMU Art International School

Contact: +36 20 26 876 26

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