Emphasize your guests’ features with an imaginative pixel eyebrow tattoo!

Ombre Selection – Pixel Fantasies

This is the fulfilment of the powdery effect eyebrow tattoo technique in which not just the powdery style can be observed but a transition from a darker to a lighter colour too. According to the guests’ unique characters it was necessary to make the eyebrow in certain areas darker while on an other ones lighter to get a perfect final result.

Tünde’s four separate styles Ombre collection emphasizes different points of the face which not only give a beautiful shape with the fine play of the darker and lighter parts, but also guiding the eyes, thereby emphasizing the wearer’s beautiful, but cover the less favourable features. The four styles, which are different in their appearances, have in one common style which is the pixels make-up effect that makes the eyebrow looks richer and the wearer looks younger.

Ombre Selection
Ombre Selection

Re-thinking of the shaded eyebrow techniques

Tünde has developed the Ombre Forte technique by creating a dark gradient in the middle of the lower eyebrow, then a soft gradient up and to the side.

At the Ombre Misty technique the middle of the eyebrow is darker and starting from this point the colour should be softened in all directions. It offers a lightweight, airy shape. This technique can be an ideal choice even if the guest is knocking with a sparse but beautifully arched eyebrow.

During the Ombre Andante Tünde Méhn continued to play with the tones as she noticed that while some guests have nice dense eyebrows at the beginning but it thin out gradually while going outwards and becomes almost flabby.

At the case of OmbreMix, she associates one of the above mentioned techniques with threading and ombre-threading between the fibres. With this technique you can create a really personalized eyebrow tattoos.

Look at how was the latest Ombre Selection Master Training.

The Ombre Selection Training is for you if...

  • You would like to develop your powdery eyebrow shading technique to a higher level,
  • You would like to learn the technique of the ombre gradient shaping,
  • You would like to learn the technique of the pixel effect shading,
  • You want to get a real knowledge bomb and you would like to quadruple your given knowledge at the area of eyebrow tattoos.

What you will learn on the 2 days Master Training?

  1. 1 You will learn all the details of the spectacular pixel effect shading technique.
  2. 2 The implementation of the Ombre Forte, Ombre Andante, Ombre Misty and Ombremix gradient making.
  3. 3 The top level PMU technique backgrounds: the proper tilt, the proper length of the needle, the proper number of stroke, the hand gestures arch and direction and also the speed of them, which are different at all four types.
  4. 4 The importance of the face shape analyze, as the 4 Ombre techniques shape the face in four different ways, so the favourable features can be emphasized with them.
  5. 5 The right corrections of the asymmetries of the eyebrow, as the techniques of the Ombre Selection provide the different shape deformations’ correction too. If we supplement the shape on its upper part than we use the Ombre Forte; if we supplement it on its upper and lower parts too then the Ombre Misty; if the own eyebrow is imperfect then the OmbreMix is recommended. We recommend Ombre Andante if the eyebrow hair is sharper at the beginning but going outwards it is attenuating.
  6. 6 The optical illusion of the eyebrow hairs density and thickness. In the case of the too rare and/or imperfect eyebrow fibres the OmbreMix is the optimal solution as in this way next to the pixel effect we can create an unique fibre structure to the eyebrow too.
  7. 7 Making the eyebrow shapes perfect and that how we can create a new shape with the keeping of the most of the own eyebrow hair.

1 training 4 innovation techniques!

Neither you want to miss it!

With the Ombre Selection Training you can make your shading technique perfect.

They were said about us

Janka Nikolett
Tünde showed me how the tiny things are important. Since the Pearly Lips Master Training my make-up tattooist knowledge has stepped to a higher level, I have been able work faster and make more lasting works like I did before the training. Today I can make the lip tattoos to my guest with strong hands without any questions.
Oláh Szimóna
90% of my guests have arrived to me with existing make-up tattoos so I wanted to learn the right correction technique from Tünde. I have got enormous tiny details and new knowledge on the training which can help me in my every day’s work. Tünde led the training with matchless professionalism and I didn’t feel that „you are just a student” like in other trainings usually. It must be recognized that Tünde Méhn is the highest name in this profession which is confirmed by that Tünde’s name is like a logo which is equal to the quality.
Karóczkai Kitti
I had problems with the colour theory, but after the Eyebrows Marathon all my hard things went away. On the training the skin diagnostic was really interesting and useful as all students’ skin was analysed. The many practices helped deepen the new knowledge. I have had much more guests since the training and the non-professionals also know who Tünde Méhn is, that’s why they appreciate that I have learnt and improved by her. I have learnt really much from Tünde and I know that I have chosen the greatest expert.


  • Cost of the Master Training: 500 Eur + VAT
  • Cost of the extra practice day: 350 Eur + VAT
  • Date of Ombre Selection Master Training: 2021.05.27
  • Date of extra practice day of Ombre Selection COMING SOON
  • Place of training: Budapest Tünde Méhn PMU Art International School

Contact: +36 20 26 876 26

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