You can also learn easily the technique

of the specially shining lips!

With Pearly Lips you will be able to conquer those guests who wish a solid, modestly elegant appearance. With this type of lip PMU, the sophisticated combination of soft colour shades and a touch of glitter will give you the desired effect. The lips get a fresh, lively colour, velvety light, nicely curved, symmetrical contours and a subtle emphasis on sensuality.


I will learn the technique

The technique of Pearly Lips is different from the others.

It is typical of the technique that the outer areas are given a more intense, characteristic colour, which nicely shapes the lips and gives it a distinct colour from the skin. However, lighter coloured pigments are applied to the inner areas of the mouth. The contrast between the two colours is joined by a soft, aesthetic shade finish that ensures the perfect cohesion of the colours. Thus the healed final result lends a natural effect.


Here it is a taste of the latest Pearly Lips Master Training.

Have you ever EXPERIENCED similar things?

  • Do you have a guest again who wants a very natural looking lip PMU, but you only know the half or the full shaded lip PMU technique?
  • You have been on many lip PMU trainings but you still feel that your technique is still not the real one. Do you feel that something is missing but you don’t know what it is?
  • You have done everything to make a perfect gradient on your client’s lips but the final result hasn’t brought a breakthrough success.
  • You thought that the integration of the pigment would be perfect, but you had many things to do with them at the correction.

Let’s learn the technique of the Pearly Lips and…

  • The impractical request will be finished! You will be able to make a beautiful and natural look effect lip PMU for your guests!
  • Count off with your imperfections! On the Pearly Lips master training you will get on an overall education which after you can set all the pieces of the picture up.
  • Don’t make less! On Tünde’s masterclass you will learn how to make a perfect colour gradient step by step which you can already apply on the next day.
  • Run away from the double work! The correction will be only correction. On the Pearly Lips masterclass we show to the advanced students the special lip PMU techniques which was developed by Tünde Méhn.

I would like to learn it!


On the Pearly Lips MASTERCLASS you will learn…

  • The technique how you can refresh an older lip PMU with which you can correct an older lip PMU.
  • The hand gestures, the PMU direction and the steps of the implementation of the Pearly Lips technique.
  • Creating smooth pigmentation on the lips to create a homogeneous colour.
  • Making colour gradients, the applying technique of more different colours for the sake of a fully visual effect of the lips.
  • More stretching techniques to reaching the maximum pigment intake.
  • Lip augmentation technique which involves mastering proportions and steps of implementation.
  • Lip pre-drawing methods that facilitate the PMU process and improve seeing the shape so that the PMU will not be pointed, thick, thin or too squared.

Make irresistible lip tattoos for your guests.

The work of our students what we are proud of.


They were said about us

Berczeli Szilvia
I really like being improved. I was looking for that kind of lip PMU masterclass where I could learn much. Tünde’s Pearly Lips masterclass ensured this to me. Since the training the results have been talking about themselves. I have got impulse and I have become more self-confident in the area of permanent makeup and I have been doing PMU more beautifully.
Orehovszki Mónika
I have learnt totally new things from Tünde. She showed me how the tiny things are important. My permanent makeup knowledge has stepped a level up since the Pearly Lips masterclass. I can work faster and make more long-lasting works like I could do before the training. Thanks to Tünde, now I have been working with more secure hands and can make the lip PMU to my guests without any questions
Virágh Nikolett
The Pearly Lips masterclass was really practice-orientated with a lot of latex practice. Tünde showed us much casework. The live model PMU demonstration was really useful for me on the training. I recognised than that I had not worked out the lip PMU properly, and there was a step in Tünde’s work which I had never applied before. I have PMU classics more beautifully, as I built in the learnt things from Tünde, since I finished the training.”

Important Information

  • Cost of the master training:
    500 Eur + VAT
  • Cost of the extra practice day:
    350 Eur + VAT
  • Date of Pearly Lips Master Training
  • Date of the extra practice day of Pearly Lips
  • Place of training: Budapest
    Tünde Méhn PMU Art International School

Contact: +36 20 26 876 26

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