Everything you need to know about the hair stroke eyebrow

When forming a hair stroke eyebrow PMU with the proper stretching technique, the fibres can be pulled or pushed in different ways, making branches, or creating points of collection as if the fibres were fused together in a funnel. We can shape creatively and variably the tattooed hairs by „playing” with their angles of inclination, degree of inclination, and thickness. For a realistic final result the fibre thickness and colour strength differ from a single pulled fibre too.

I will learn the technique.

Down with hair stroke templates!

Learn Tünde Méhn’s technique and create something unique!

RE'BROWS technique

This technique is different from the others…

You can create this application in more type of fibre layouts that depends on which direction your guest’s existing hair grows. Fibre arrangement may vary for different eyebrows. You can pull the tattooed fibres according to as the nature arranged them, beautifully, naturally because they are the most beautiful in that way. You can apply a variety of fibre applying structure and enrichment techniques for a natural effect, which results in an even more realistic result. The main feature of threading is the fact that very fine, thin threads of various lengths are made up into a complete eyebrow shape.

Look at that the natural eyebrows can be categorized into three main groups according to the fibre growth direction. This is how the 3 types of RE’BROWS hair stroke eyebrow techniques were created.

  1. Upwards growing hair strokes > RE’BROWS Up
  2. Middle turning hair strokes > RE’BROWS Middle
  3. Downwards growing hair strokes > RE’BROWS Down

Are you curious for the last RE’BROWS master training?

How you can do the hair strokes?

  • Did your hair strokes become too thick again?
  • You are simply not satisfied with your hair strokes eyebrows, as neither the length of the fibres nor their inclination is correct?
  • Today, you have used the same template hair strokes that you learned in the basic training, but you can see that each guest has a different natural fibre growth?
  • Hair stroke is a nightmare for you; because if I pull this fibre here than where shall I pull the other?
  • The hair strokes have not been staying in the skin, so you can start it from the beginning during the correction?
  • Junctions, collection points, funnels, thickening techniques. Can you feel that the newness of the hair stroke eyebrow techniques is passing next to you?

Have you found statements which are right for you?

Stop it!

  • Stop pulling thick, chubby unfavourable strands! Tünde teaches you how you can create thin, delicate eyebrow fibres that resemble to the original.
  • Be finally satisfied with your work! At the RE’BROW masterclass you can learn all those things which have caused problems so far in the hair strokes. Be it the length, the direction, the inclination or the angle of the fibres.
  • Count down with boring templates and create personalized eyebrows with Tünde Méhn’s hair stroke technique. Your guests will adore you for that!
  • After the masterclass, hair strokes won’t be a nightmare anymore; Tünde Méhn will teach you the correct hair strokes in 3 types of implementation modes.
  • Exclude the technical and implementation errors! On the RE’BROWS masterclass you will learn the secret of the pigment incorporation and we guarantee it!
  • Don’t let PMU technical advances slip next to you! Tünde helps you keep your knowledge up to date!

Exceed your existing abilities!

Keep up with Tünde and learn the perfect hair strokes technique!

You will learn at the

How your guest’s eyebrow hair growth direction influences the process of the permanent makeup (RE’BROWS Up / RE’BROWS Middle / RE’BROWS Down).

How you can choose the right pigments and how you can combination them perfectly.

In which tilt you need to hold the needle and in which directions you need to work.

  • How you can change the pulled hair strokes’ thickness reaching the maximum realistic effect.
  • What kind of eyebrow enrichment techniques you need to know and how you can apply them.
  • How to use collection points, funnels and junctions uniquely in the process of making eyebrows.

Do you want to reach a perfect final result? Yes! Get the knowledge you need for that to create the best forever!

In this way you can be a RE’BROWS master in a crowd of average permanent makeup artists!

Feedback about us

Molnár Adél
I have learned the technique of the natural threading on the RE’BROWS training which fits the best for the guest’s own eyebrow fibres. Tünde helped me in, how I can make the stretching perfectly, that the tattooed fibres stay in the skin beautifully and that I do not have many work during the correction. Tünde has put the bar for herself in the make-up tattoo industry and she always surpasses it!
Wittmájer Gabriella
The training got grade no. 5*. I became more skilled in the threading and I also got this feedback from my guests. I wanted to improve the layout of the threads and Tünde taught me that. The curriculum was understandable and easy to learn with Tünde’s presentation and the practical part.
Kovács Klára
I wanted to expand my knowledge. The RE’BROWS training has became proper for me because of the variety of threading designs; because it is very important to me that my works won’t be template-like. I have learned 3 types of designs that I can combine, based on the hair growth of the guests. I needed for Tünde’s live model’s demonstration as I saw with my own eyes how she built up the fibres, led the direction and inclination of the fibres. Since the RE’BROWS training, I have been able to adjust to the unique facial features of each of my guests, applying the techniques I have learnt to achieve an impressive overall effect.

Important Information

  • Cost of the master training: 500 Eur + VAT
  • Cost of the extra practice day: 350 Eur + VAT
  • Date of RE’BROWS Master Training 2021.05.26.
  • Date of the extra practice day of RE’BROWS COMING SOON
  • Place of training: Budapest Tünde Méhn PMU Art International School

Contact: +36 20 26 876 26

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