Is it a spoiled eyebrow PMU?

Learn the best correcting technique from Tünde!

It is developed for repairing the old, discoloured, shabby and spoiled eyebrow PMU.

As more and more people wear permanent make-up, so there are more and more guests whom we need to refresh or re-shape their older prmanent makeup. It is a natural process of the permanent makeup that within a few years their colours are changing, fading and wearing out.

It makes the situation worse if we need to repair not just the discolouration of an eyebrow but at the same time its spoiled shape too. The most common problems are the unfavourable forms, the badly chosen colours but we can meet incorrect repairing and refreshing methods too after that an even worse situation becomes.

Many people send the client immediately to a laser tattoo removal or just simply colour the greyish, reddened tattoo with brown pigment. While the previous one is a really drastic and many times totally unjustified procedure, till then the latter’s effect will last just awhile or its colour will be even more unfavourable. In vain we repaint it, the old colour will be seen on it and it is just the question of the time.

Triple Brows is the revolutionary technical solution!

Tünde Méhn wanted to find an immediate, aesthetic and long-lasting solution for these problems. The Triple Brows technique came into life after a long research and experimentation, in which the professional and grandiosity can be reached by the combination of three different procedures.

So the Triple Brows PMU technique gives a revolutionary technical solution for the old, discoloured, faded and spoiled eyebrow tattoos.

The Triple Brows Masterclass provides the incorporate colour theory education and the practical instruction in the use of complementary colours so the camouflage, and next to it the hair stroke and the ombre shading techniques which ensure the 100% cover. The 3 sub-techniques in the Triple Brows perform the following functions to achieve the perfect final results:

Camouflage: transforms the unfavourable colours or the discolouration due to the passage of the time, neutralizing and fading of unpleasant colours.

Hair strokes: The fibre imitation is used to correct and transform damaged arches, to complete the incomplete eyebrows and to create a nice, advantageous shape.

Shading: Its role is to create a delicate, powdery, naturally make-up effect and to create a soft gradient. It washes and brings the colours together to a common denominator for an aesthetic, consistent colour effect.

Tünde’s Tip:

During the Triple Brows, when you are doing hair strokes then use the RE’BROWS hair stroke technique, created by Tünde, which base is that you follow the direction of the natural hair growth.

At the shading, you have to choose which Ombre Selection powdery shading technique you want to apply from Tünde (Ombre Forte, Ombre Misty, Ombre Andante, OmbreMix) which depends on your guest’s face character and her old permanent makeup.

The actual trends have changed a lot compared to the beginnings.

Nowadays, a good eyebrow PMU cannot be strident, grotesque in its arch, exaggerated in its colours or overly dominant. It cannot dominate the facial characteristics. That is why it is very important for the permanent makeup artist to be able to make artwork in line with today’s modern trends while they can correct their guests’ old, spoiled or outdated formed asymmetrical curves.

It is a unique Masterclass in the PMU world. Look at it!

What will you learn on the 2 days long Masterclass?

  1. 1
    Master levelled, practice orientated colour theory,

    in which you will learn what kind of Camouflage, i.e. complementary mix you have to use for a discoloured, reddened, greyish eyebrow to give back its natural brown colour again.

  2. 2
    Skin colour theory,

    which is an important background material of the technique.

  3. 3
    Skin tone analyses

    as the tones determine strongly that what colour a permanent makeup will be after the healing.

  4. 4
    Identification of the skin type, condition and skin problems,

    as the same pigment behaves different in a wide pore, greasy, rosacea skin and in an attenuate, dehydrated, wrinkled skin and again behaves different in a tight, hydrated young skin.

  5. 5
    Pigment analysis of the old tattoos,

    as when you apply the Triple Brows technique you have to calculate in the old, still not faded paint’s colour as it is added together with the given pigment. Your analysis must be right to get the brown colour for the final result.

  6. 6
    Applying Ombre shading,

    which ensures the perfect colour effect and the trendy look.

  7. 7
    The technique of the natural hair strokes

    with which you can correct the spoilt or imperfect eyebrow shapes.

It is a unique technique which is not taught at other schools.

Feedback about us

Janka Nikolett
Tünde showed me how the tiny things are important. Since the Pearly Lips Masterclass my permanent makeup knowledge has stepped to a higher level, I have been able work faster and make more lasting works like I did before the training. Today I can make the lip PMU to my guest with strong hands without any questions.
Oláh Szimóna
90% of my guests have arrived to me with existing make-up tattoos so I wanted to learn the right correction technique from Tünde. I have got enormous tiny details and new knowledge on the training which can help me in my every day’s work. Tünde led the training with matchless professionalism and I didn’t feel that „you are just a student” like in other trainings usually. It must be recognized that Tünde Méhn is the highest name in this profession which is confirmed by that Tünde’s name is like a logo which is equal to the quality.
Karóczkai Kitti
I had problems with the colour theory, but after the Eyebrows Marathon all my hard things went away. On the training the skin diagnostic was really interesting and useful as all students’ skin was analysed. The many practices helped deepen the new knowledge. I have had much more guests since the training and the non-professionals also know who Tünde Méhn is, that’s why they appreciate that I have learnt and improved by her. I have learnt really much from Tünde and I know that I have chosen the greatest expert.


  • Cost of the Master Training (2 days): 900 Eur + VAT
  • Cost of Early Bird (2 days): 750 Eur + VAT
  • Date of Triple Brows Master Training: 2021.03.17-18.
  • Place of training: Budapest Tünde Méhn PMU Art International School

Kapcsolat: +36 20 26 876 26