Tünde Méhn
Who brings the most out of you!

Tünde Méhn is a Hungarian and International PMU specialist, teacher and master beautician. She is the leader and founder of the Tünde Méhn PMU Art International School, and distributor of the NPM and Onyx brands, the developer of the ROSA Herbal Skin Care® and the owner of the Tünde Méhn PMU salons.

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Master beautician

As a master beautician Tünde has an elaborate knowledge about the structure, the function of the skin and its reaction for the different effects. Furthermore, she has extensive expertise about the function of the cells biochemical system which she prefers to apply during the teaching of PMU. Tünde' knowledge of the skin rises her above the mass of PMU tutors.
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PMU Innovator

Thanks to Tünde’s epoch-making viewpoint she has created such new, innovative technical methods and implementations which has brought significant changes to the world of the Hungarian and international make-up profession. Tünde is not just a tutor, but also an active PMU artist, so she has a wide-ranging professional insight into guests’ needs, request and problems. Thorough knowledge of these factors is essential when developing new PMU techniques.
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Graduated tutor

Thanks to her tutor qualification, Tünde applies a variety of educational strategies during her PMU trainings in order to provide students with comprehensive, detailed and immediately usable knowledge. She pays attention to the individual differences of the students, immediately recognizes the technique shortcomings of the participants, and she can provide personalized assistance to everyone, enabling them to make tremendous progress. With the diverse application of educational methods, eye-catching lectures and instructive case studies, she can also make drier theoretical material to interesting.