PMU Open Day for Beauticians and Beautician Students!

Discover the world of the make-up tattoos!

One day where you will know all the tiny details of the make-up tattooing!

The Tünde Méhn PMU Art International School introduces to you the I. Cosmetic Open Day. The aim of this event is that the beauticians and the beautician students get to know personally with the beauty of the make-up tattooing profession. The future of the make-up tattooing depends on the today’s talented beauticians and beautician students, so it is important for the Tünde Méhn PMU Art International School that the qualified make-up profession spreads as widely as possible. On this Open Day we give a chance to the participants to try out the make-up tattooing machines and get to know the educational level about our trainings. It is a really important decision to choose the proper permanent makeup basic training because it determines the profession of the permanent makeup artist.

  • You are a beautician or a beautician student.
  • You would like to learn making permanent makeup.
  • You are curious about our education’s level.
  • You want to get more, detailed information about the PMU.
  • You want to take part in a live model permanent makeup demonstration.
  • You still don’t know where you want to learn the permanent makeup.
  • You want to meet personally with our tutors.

It is important to choose the right permanent makeup school as….

  • From the cheapest training will be the most expensive as on those trainings in many times you learn the basics wrongly for which a hard job to correcting later. So it is really important to choose the right school for your basic trainings too!
  • It is worth choosing that kind of basic training which not works on that way that gives you fast knowledge. It is really important to give time to learn the profession so leave out those trainings which ensures you all the permanent makeup techniques within 1-2 days.
  • Check the background of the school where you want to start your permanent makeup study. Look at the equipment of the training centre, the tools they ensure you for the training, the educational materials and all the information and feedbacks about the schools you can find on the internet.
  • Learn all the things about the tutor. How long has she been tattooing? How long has she been teaching? Where did she do her education? What are the style and the quality of the tutor’s tattoos? What kind of feedback you can find about the tutor?

Spend the day with us and ask!

Programs why you need to come for.

Tünde Méhn

How you can be a successful make-up tattooist.

The recipe of the success is the accuracy, the professionalism and the diligence. But if you don’t know how you can start it Tünde will tell you what you need for that to be a successful permanent makeup artist!

Tünde Méhn

PMU trends 2020

This profession is always developing so you must be up-to-date with it and you must know everything from all the most modern tools till the highest newness’s. Tünde shows you the newest trends and let you see in the future of the profession.

Bea Szűr

Ombre eyebrow permanent makeup demonstration on live model

You can see a professional permanent makeup as Bea shows you all steps of the eyebrow tattooing from the preparation till the aftercare on her live model demonstration.

Trying the machines with the help of the tutors

Your permanent makeup device is your most important tool so it is worth meeting with the machines before you start your training. This time you will see much kind of machines and you will be able to try them out to choose the best for you!

Cost of the Cosmetic open day: 5.000 Ft
Date of the Cosmetic open day: 24.01.2020
Place of the Cosmetic open day: Tünde Méhn PMU Art International School

Become a successful permanent makeup artist!