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Why do you need eyebrow permanent makeup?

The eyebrow hairs have worn out

When your own eyebrow hairs have already worn out or grow in the wrong place. It can happen at a younger or an older age as well that less and less eyebrow hairs grow back after plucking them, and finally they completely wear out. This is especially a problem if the eyebrows have been removed into an unfavourable shape or incomplete areas break the arch. When the eyebrows are incomplete, do not have a beautiful shape or the curve is unfavourable.

Comfort and trend

The 2010s meant a revolution in permanent makeup. You cannot step out into the street these days without beautifully curved, aesthetic and beautiful eyebrows. And eyebrow permanent makeup provide a solution to this problem, as your makeup will be perfect 24 hours a day. This way, you do not have to draw the right shape in front of the mirror every morning.

Previous eyebrow permanent makeup

When your old permanent makeup is faded or ruined. Camouflage colours and / or complementary colours also offer a solution to these problems! With the right, precise technology, beautiful results can be achieved in such cases as well.

Disadvantageous shape

Sometimes the eyebrows are too flat, shorter than needed, very thin, inclining in the wrong place, curved, but not where they should be, start and end in the wrong place. The wrong shape can give the face different, not very beneficial facial expressions, for example amazed, angry, sad, tired, strict… How old you look also depends on the shape of your eyebrows. It amounts to a minor face lift! It rejuvenates, opens and refreshes your look.

Which eyebrow permanent makeup
technique shall I choose?

It is worth choosing according to how much own hair grows, what the condition of the skin is, whether you have previous eyebrow permanent makeup, whether you want to achieve a more attractive or more natural effect.

Hair stroke eyebrows

If your eyebrows are incomplete, blunt, or they have an unfavourable shape, then the hair stroke eyebrow permanent makeup is the best choice for you. We can achieve the most beautiful final result for guests whose skin type is close to normal, the skin is properly hydrated, not too oily, it does not have wide pores or rosacea, it is not sensitive, not prone to redness and inflammation.

Powdery eyebrow permanent makeup

This permanent eyebrow technique can be the perfect choice for you if you like to use powders and various eyebrow shaping products on your eyebrows. With the Ombre Selection techniques the shape remains soft and modest but the treatment will result in decorative and pronounced eyebrows.


The beautiful shape and the natural colour of the eyebrows are extremely important as they define the facial expression. And the need for elegant, perfectly arched eyebrows that fit the character is understandable among Ladies, as everyone strives for the maximum when it comes to their appearance. Naturalness is a very important part of the design, the best technique of which is RE’BROWS. This is the method of eyebrows closest to the real one with a unique, natural, varied hair stroke arrangement. Multiple hair stroke alignment structures and enrichment techniques can be applied in order to achieve a natural effect, making the final result even more realistic. The dream of Ladies with sparse eyebrow hairs can come true if they choose this!

Ombre Selection

Ombre Selection is the collective name of the Ombre eyebrow techniques developed by Tünde Méhn, with special features: Ombre Misty, Ombre Forte, Ombre Andante and OmbreMix. These techniques are characterized by a subtle, dusty-powdery effect and gradient shading from a dark to a light colour, by which a set of small dots produces the shape of the eyebrows. The technique is called Ombre because, as with ombre hair dyeing, we create a transition from the darker to the lighter colour. The same characteristic is true of this permanent eyebrow makeup technique as well. We apply a powdery shading technique while creating Ombre eyebrows, coupled with an extremely elegant, very beautiful colour effect.

Perfect choice if

- you would like to have natural and thick eyebrows
- you would like a perfect shape that highlights your eyes
- you desire hair stroke eyebrow permanent makeup free of templates, especially designed for you

Perfect choice if

- you like using brow pencils, powders or other eyebrow shaping products on your eyebrows
- you like more characteristic eyebrow shapes
- you like eyebrows with a natural make-up effect
- you would like eyebrows similar to those of Audrey Hepburn or Brooke Shields

Hybrid eyebrow permanent makeup

This technique is a combination of the shading and the hair stroke techniques. If you have few or not any brow hairs, this technique is recommended for you.

Solution for old discoloured, faded permanent eyebrow makeup

Do you have unfavourably shaped or discoloured permanent eyebrow makeup? We have good news for you, you don't always have to get your old permanent eyebrow makeup completely removed. Triple Brows provides a solution to correct permanent eyebrow makeup with beauty flaws, according to today's trends.

Combining shading and hair strokes

A combination of the Ombre and the Re'Brows techniques creates the hybrid eyebrows. Thanks to the hair stroke structure, a natural, thick effect is achieved, and then one of the four ombre shadings is added, which give your eyebrows a modest shape and emphasis. In the course of the technique, we use a variety of pigments to achieve the perfect colour that best suits the colour of the hair and the brow hairs. The hybrid technique can also be used to correct previous eyebrows permanent makeup.

Triple Brows

Eyebrows define the expression of the face, such as: sad, amazed, angry, hesitant, desperate, strict, cheerful... so it is recommended to choose the permanent makeup specialist with due care, since it does matter what the final result is! Permanent eyebrow makeup fade in 2-3 years, they change colour, in the case of an inadequately created permanent makeup, this colour transformation can be immediately seen. That is because if the skin colour and subtone have been misjudged or the colour has been poorly selected, the final result will be surprising after the healing period! Because of such cases, Tünde Méhn has developed the Triple Brows technique, which guarantees a beautiful colour and shape. Triple Brows technique is based on the fact that the unfavourable colours of old permanent makeup can be neutralized with corrective and complementary colours. With the help of it, minor defects of the shape and discolourations, reddish, greyish, faded permanent makeup can be corrected virtually without waiting.

Perfect choice if…

- you have skin problems (easily oily, wide pores, skin that gets easily red)
- you have few or not any own eyebrow hairs
- would like to refresh your older permanent eyebrow makeup

Perfect choice if...

- you have skin problems (easily oily, wide pores, skin that gets easily red)
- you have few or not any own eyebrow hairs
- you don't like your old eyebrow permanent makeup any more because it was created with old techniques


What kind of eyebrow shape suits you?

Every face, every feature, and every personality is different! Individual and unique design is required to create the right shapes for the faces. Eyebrows reflect personality, but it often happens that the expression they reflect is just the opposite! A wrongly chosen shape or colour can also undermine the authenticity of our charisma.

In the salons of Tünde Méhn, we design the shape of the eyebrows of our guests according to their individuality and unique facial features.

But what kind of eyebrows fits the face shape?

Everyone's face has its characteristics, but based on their shape, we can divide the faces into six categories, all of which have a more advantageous shape of eyebrows. Almost any shape fits the oval face well, since it is proportional, but softly curved eyebrows are very beneficial for it. A straighter arch suits the long face the best, because our goal is to shorten the face optically. For the round face, a highly curved, square eyebrow shape is preferred to lengthen the face. For the square face, thicker, beautifully curved eyebrows are what balance the face. A softly curved shape fits the heart-shaped face best since in the case of such a face shape the line of the face narrows towards the chin. The diamond-shaped face is rare, but it is characterized by angular lines. A curved brow shape fits the diamond face, that is how we can soften the features.


Other than what’s listed above, the face shapes determine the „mood” of the face. An eyebrow drawn downwards will result in a „sad” look, while an eyebrow shaped upwards will result in an „amazed” look on the face. If the eyebrows are too close to each other, the result is a little bit of an „angry” effect, while the eyebrows sitting far from each other result in an „uncertain” look on the client’s face. This is why pre drawing and designing a shape is very important step in permanent makeup.

In the Tünde Méhn permanent makeup salons, we place great emphasis on this step so that our guests get an eyebrow shape that fits their faces perfectly.


What colour should your permanent eyebrow makeup be?

When choosing the colour, in addition to looking at the colour of your hair and eyebrow hair, we also examine the colour and undertone of your skin. Many permanent makeup specialists misjudge skin colour and undertone, so they choose the wrong pigment, which will result in a surprising final result! That is why it is possible that some eyebrow permanent makeup may turn bluish, greyish, purplish, or orange-red very soon. You don't have to be afraid of these in the Tünde Méhn permanent makeup salons, as we will determine the most suitable eyebrow colour for you with the accuracy of an engineer. The pigments we use are of premium quality.

The colour of the eyebrow permanent makeup depends not only on the colour and tone of the skin,but on the hair colour as well. Deep, dark brown colours fit the black hair well. We do not tattoo black eyebrows, because the pigments may turn grey, so for guests with black hair, we choose a deep brown tone that suits the skin and the hair colour perfectly. Such premium pigments of NPM are Brasil or Salvador.

For brown hair

For brown hair, a neutral-toned, medium-strength brown colour is recommended.

Depending on skin colour and hair darkness, warmer and cooler shades of brown can also be used. The golden brown shades go well with light and medium brown hair, but these colours also suit blonde hair.

For blonde hair

For blonde hair, use lighter shades of brown.

The neutral-toned, medium-dark colours that are a few shades darker than the hair go well with blonde hair. Golden brown can also be used.

For red hair

Light shades of brown are recommended for red hair, which have warmer shades because of the yellow and red pigments they contain.

The process of permanent eyebrow makeup

  • 1

    Arrive on time
    Your PMU artist will discuss the most important information about the process of permanent makeup.

  • 2

    We take photos of your permanent makeup
    We will take photos of the area of the permanent makeup from different angles with your consent.

  • 3

    We draw the new shape of the eyebrows
    We predraw your eyebrows so as to create symmetry on your face. We check the shape with several methods and we correct it until the shape is perfect for us and for you.

  • 4

    We anaesthetise the area of the permanent makeup
    After finalizing the shape, we numb the area of you eyebrows. The anaesthetic cream takes effect in 20 minutes.

  • 5

    Creating your permanent eyebrow makeup
    Your eyebrow permanent makeup will be made alternately on both sides. With the help of Rosa Herbal Skin Care Pigment Booster Balm or Oil Gel we nourish your skin around one of your eyebrows. Meanwhile, your eyebrow is being prepared on the other side. We work with multiple colours so that the colour of your eyebrows will harmonise with the colour of your hair and skin.

  • 6

    Aftercare of your eyebrows
    When you are finished, you get your Rosa Herbal Skin Care After Care Balm and your permanent makeup artist will give you detailed information about how to use it. You have to use it continuously fro 7-10 days, so a protective layer will always be on your eyebrows. The fresh eyebrow permanent makeup must not be exposed to water and direct UV radiation for two weeks. You must not scratch or rub the skin and pick the scabs or pieces of skin.

  • 7

    Healing period 2-3 days after the permanent eyebrow makeup has been created, scabs will start forming, which makes your eyebrows appear lighter, and then it gradually regains colour. In a month, you will see your healed permanent eyebrow makeup . By this time, the pigments are perfectly incorporated into the skin.

  • 8

    Touch-up of the permanent makeup The touch-up will be made within 3 months of making your permanent makeup so that we can correct, strengthen and, where necessary, supplement the colour. The more layers of pigment get into your skin, the longer lasting and homogeneous your permanent makeup will be.

The healing period of permanent eyebrow makeup

It is absolutely important that once your eyebrow permanent makeup is finished, you observe the rules for your eyebrows to heal. After finishing your eyebrows, you will receive the Rosa Herbal Skin Care After Care Balm, which you will need to continuously apply on your skin for 7-10 days to cover and care for it with a protective layer. After 1-2 days, the tattooed skin surface begins to scab. In this case, the colour may look lighter and then will gradually regain its colour. The skin will peel, but it is forbidden to tear off pieces of skin. Rubbing and soaking the tattooed surface is not allowed either, because this reduces the durability of the pigments. Freshly done eyebrow tattoos should not be mechanically damaged, so scratching or scraping it is prohibited! Clean the surface of the permanent makeup only with a damp cotton pad to ensure perfect pigment implantation into the skin.

The final colour develops in about 1-1.5 months, until this time the colour changes due to the peeling and the healing of the skin. Touch-up is recommended after 1 month but within 3 months. During the touch-up we replace any pigment that has vanished and we strengthen the colour. If you take good care of your eyebrows, it is going to be longer lasting. We can promise 1-3 years of durability.

Szemöldök gyógyulás

After care of permanent eyebrow makeup

After your new permanent eyebrow makeup is finished, it is really important that you pay attention to both short-term and long-term care.

After your new permanent eyebrow makeup is finished, use the Rosa Herbal Skin Care After Care Balm for 7-10 days. The eyebrow permanent makeup must not be exposed to water and direct UV radiation for two weeks, so you must avoid going to the sauna, sunbed or swimming pool, sunbathing. You must observe these rules after the touch-up as well, so that your permanent makeup will be longer lasting and more homogeneous

Permanent eyebrow makeup starts fading usually after 1-3 years, so in order for the permanent makeup to be longer lasting, permanent care is really important. The durability of permanent makeup depends on the skin type, skin problems, age, environmental influences, the quality and amount of pigment implanted, the intensity of the colour and how deep the pigments are in the skin, as well as the after care.

Our skin continuously peels for the rest of our lives, being replaced every 28 days on average. Tattooed skin peels together with the pigmented skin layer, that is why permanent makeup fades. There are several reasons for faster peeling. If the pigments only get into the epidermis of the skin, the permanent eyebrow makeup will fade away within weeks. If your skin is oily, acne-prone, dehydrated, your permanent makeup will also fade faster. Young people’s skin peels faster than older people’s, so their permanent eyebrow makeup should also be refreshed more often. If we expose our skin to UV radiation, it also fades faster. In this case, it is worth treating the permanent makeup with Rosa Herbal Skin Care Sunny 15 and Sunny 25 After Care Stick, which form a protective layer on the skin, thus protecting the pigments as well. Do not apply acid peeling or any other peeling material on the skin on the surface of permanent makeup.
We can promise 1-3 years of durability.

The price of permanent eyebrow makeup

The price of a permanent eyebrow makeup depends on a lot of factors, that is why it is important to consider carefully whether the permanent makeup artist is asking for a realistic price for their work. It is important to know how long the permanent makeup artist has been in the profession and for how long have they been doing permanent eyebrow makeup. Professional experience and training are essential, as this is how we know that our permanent makeup artist strives for perfection. It is worth checking when was the last time the artist attended a training, from whom did they gain their knowledge, and whether they teach or study permanent makeup. These are important because this is how we know that the permanent makeup artist works precisely, knowing the latest international trends and innovations, and always strives to learn new things so that they provide the best for their guests with a broader knowledge. For permanent makeup artist with extensive professional experience, it is important to be familiar with the premium tools that can be used to achieve perfect results. Always check which brands your permanent makeup artist works with, what materials they use, and what accessories they use before, during, and after the treatment, as lasting and beautiful final results can only be achieved with full care.

The most important part of choosing the permanent makeup artist is knowing their previous work, knowing how reputable they are, what feedback they get on social media and Google, because these show the real picture about the permanent makeup artist. Their presence and representation on social media is also important, so we can learn a lot more about their style, work and guests. Before making your decision, always consider carefully who you want your permanent eyebrow makeup created by, because a correction cannot be carried out in many cases afterwards.