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Why do you need permanent eyelid makeup?

One thing is for sure, permanent eyelid makeup fits every woman and it does not smudge. If you have beautifully-shaped, big eyes – this would emphasize them even more. If you are not satisfied with the shape or size of your eyes – permanent eyeliner is the solution for you, so you will be always pleased to look in the mirror. If you are allergic to most of the eye shadows but you still want to wear makeup, this can solve your problem. There are people with weaker eyesight and cannot create beautiful makeup for themselves, this is the solution for them. Or do you just want to entrust yourself to a professional?

In case of sad eyes

When someone has downturned, so-called “sad-looking” eye shape, it can also affect their entire face. Their gaze reflects sadness and everyday makeup is not easy either. Permanent eyelid makeup can be used to visually lift the eyes, resulting in a more open look.

In case of few lashes

It can happen at both young and old age that the amount of eyelashes is minimal, this problem can be beautifully corrected with the help of a permanent eyelid makeup. The permanent eyelid makeup visually enriches the lashes, thus increasing the volume of the lashes.

In case of deep-set eyes

In case of deep-set eyes, the goal is to highlight the eyes and optically “bring them forward”. The permanent eyelid makeup highlights the eyes and we can also achieve an anti-ageing effect with it.

In case of beautiful eyes

Permanent eyelid makeup is also a very good choice if you want to highlight your beautiful eyes. You can achieve this with normal makeup, but the permanent eyelid makeup will always be flawless and will even shorten the time of everyday makeup, so you don’t have to spend more hours drawing your eyeliner.

Classic eyeliner
or eyeshadow?

The classic eyeliner is an elegant full line that makes the eyes aesthetically pleasing. Misty Eyeshadow is similar to a powdery, shaded makeup that perfectly shapes the eyes to achieve an almond shape.

Classic eyeliner

Permanent upper eyelid makeup

Only during the sketching will we see what thickness of contour or shading is most beneficial to you, where it should rise and what the curve should be, where it should be a little thicker, and where it should be thinner. We also tattoo the lashline, so it will look richer even without mascara. Besides black you can choose other colours, which go well with the colour of your eyes, for example 50 shades of grey, blue and green are available.

Permanent lower eyelid makeup

You can decide together with your permanent makeup artist whether the overall picture is better with or without it during the planning and sketching. Sometimes it makes the eyes even smaller, but luckily, in most cases it magnifies the eyes. This depends on the length and thickness of the line towards the direction of the corner of the eye. So it's a good way of shaping your features.

Perfect choice if

- you like highlighting your eyes with an eyeliner
- you often wear makeup and a perfect base that you can follow would be of great help
- You would like to highlight your eyes in a modest way

Eye shadow

The Misty Eyeshadow permanent makeup is the uniquely developed eyelid technique by Tünde Méhn, that has already travelled the world by today. The Misty Eyeshadow technique was brought to life by shaded makeups that are very common today. It is especially recommended for those who do not like the traditional eyeliner. The function of the technique is to provide fine, powdered makeup for everyday use, thus making the morning makeup routine easier. Misty Eyeshadow can be created with several colours, which are always selected according to the eye colour of the guest. The black Misty Eyeshadow permanent makeup provides a great foundation for the guest if they want to apply additional makeup to the eyelid, thus making the process of putting on makeup easier, that often seems complicated. The black pigments at the lashline provide an enchanting, feminine look. Going upwards, it provides a beautiful smokey makeup thanks to the gradual pigment transition.

Perfect choice if

- you long for breathtaking almond-shaped eyes
- you like smokey eyeshadow
- you want modest and fine makeup that highlights your eyes

How much does it hurt?


We do not claim that it is free of any discomfort, however, we use anaesthetic products during the entire process – this will make it not painful. Your eyes are closed, even when you get the lower eyeliner tattooed, and I'm going to stretch your skin. You are safe the whole time. Usually the fear of pain is more characteristic, which, as we start tattooing, disappears. Our clients often say they expected much worse than that! The final result will definitely make up for the inconvenience! After the tattooing process, the eyes may swell. Usually the eyelids may be slightly swollen the day and the next day. The swelling can be cooled at home with ice gel (dry cold). You should not put water on it, because the skin gets soaked and the pigment will withdraw from it!


What colour should the permanent eyelid makeup be?

Since the permanent eyelid makeup is permanent, it is important to know the makeup habits of our client. If they put on colourful makeup every day, we can create the permanent eyelid makeup with these colours. The opinion of the permanent makeup artist is also important, because they will see what suits the features of the face, the colour and tone of the skin, as well as the colour of the eyes. It is recommended to apply a colour similar to the colour of the eye when creating the permanent makeup, if the permanent makeup artist also believes that the colour suits the guest and will be long lasting.

The process of permanent eyelid makeup

  • 1

    Arrive on time
    Arrive on time for your appointment so that we can discuss the most important information about the process of permanent eyelid makeup.

  • 2

    We will take photos of your face from different angles with your consent.

  • 3

    We will predraw the permanent eyelid makeup with a special pencil, so that it will enlarge your eyes and harmonize with your face. The thickness of the eyeliner and the amount of shading depends on your wishes, and on what suits your eyes and skin the best.

  • 4

    After finalizing the shape, we numb the eyelids. The anaesthetic cream takes effect in 20 minutes.

  • 5

    Creating the permanent eyelid makeup
    Your eyelid permanent makeup will be made alternately on both sides, while we nourish and anaesthetise the skin. With the help of Rosa Herbal Skin Care Pigment Booster Balm or Oil Gel we nourish your skin around one eye, meanwhile, your eyelid permanent makeup is being prepared on the other side. We work on both sides alternately until the final result is perfect. The permanent eyelid makeup may be created even with two colours.

  • 6

    After care
    When you are finished, you get your Rosa Herbal Skin Care Eyeliner After Care and your permanent makeup artist will give you detailed information about how to use it. You have to use it continuously for 7-14 days, so a protective layer will always be on your eyelids. The freshly done permanent makeup must not be exposed to water and you must not scratch or rub the skin and pick the scabs or pieces of skin. It is important to observe these rules so that the colour and shape of your permanent makeup remains perfect for a long time.

  • 7

    Healing period
    2-3 days after the permanent eyelid makeup has been created, scabs will start forming. In a month, your permanent makeup will be healed. By this time, the pigments are perfectly incorporated into the skin and you will be able to see the final colour of your permanent eyelid makeup.

  • 8

    The more layers of pigment get into your skin, the longer lasting and homogeneous your permanent makeup will be, that is why a touch-up is needed after one month, but within 3 months of making your permanent makeup. During this occasion we can correct and supplement the colour if there are places where the skin was able to retain less pigment.

The healing period of permanent eye makeup

After finishing your permanent eyelid makeup, you will receive your Rosa Herbal Skin Care Eyeliner After Care cream, which you will need to continuously apply on your skin for 7-14 days. Only apply a very thin layer on the skin, the cream should not be visibly white on your eyelids. The cream nourishes and softens the skin, it is not greasy and it does not melt, so it will not cause irritation or blurred vision. During the healing scabs will form, you must not pick the scabs, because pigments can also be withdrawn from the skin by this. The scabs will fall off by themselves. The complete healing time of the permanent eyelid makeup is 1-1.5 months, after which the touch-up will take place, when more pigment will be implanted in the skin so as the permanent makeup will be more durable.

Rubbing and soaking the tattooed surface is not allowed either, because this reduces the durability of the pigments. Freshly done eyelid permanent makeup should not be mechanically damaged, so scratching or scraping it is prohibited! Clean the surface of the permanent makeup only with a damp cotton pad to ensure perfect pigment implantation into the skin.

Szemhéj gyógyulás

After care of permanent eye makeup

After your new permanent eyelid makeup is finished, it is really important that you pay attention to both short-term and long-term care.

After your new permanent eyelid makeup is finished, use the Rosa Herbal Skin Care Eyeliner After Care cream for 7-10 days. The permanent makeup must not be exposed to water and direct UV radiation for two weeks, so you must avoid going to the sauna or swimming pool, sunbathing and tanning. You must observe these rules after the touch-up as well, so that your permanent makeup will be he longer lasting.

Permanent eyelid makeup starts fading usually after 1-3 years, so in order for the permanent makeup to be longer lasting, permanent care is really important. The durability of permanent makeup depends on the skin type, skin problems, age, environmental influences, the quality and amount of pigment implanted, the intensity of the colour and how deep the pigments are in the skin, as well as the after care.

The skin of the eyelids in greasier and thinner, so the permanent makeup will be longer lasting. A permanent eyelid makeup is created with black pigment, which vanishes from the skin much slower than other pigments. The UV radiation and the ageing of the skin defines the durability of an eyelid permanent makeup. Wearing eyeglasses is advised in order to protect the permanent makeup.

The price of permanent eye makeup

The price of a permanent eyelid makeup depends on a lot of factors, that is why it is important to consider carefully whether the permanent makeup artist is asking for a realistic price for their work. It is important to know how long the permanent makeup artist has been in the profession and for how long have they been doing permanent eyelid makeup, since professional experience and training give us information about the permanent makeup artist’s talent, precision and their knowledge about techniques. It is worth checking when was the last time the artist attended a training, from whom did they gain their knowledge. It is important to know whether the artist teaches or studies permanent makeup, because this is how we know if the permanent makeup artist works confidently and precisely, knowing the latest international trends and innovations. Our knowledge about the training of the permanent makeup artist is important because we need to know that they continuously strive to learn something new so that they can provide the best for their guests with a broader knowledge. The perfect result depends also on the usage of tools and materials of premium quality. Always check which brands your permanent makeup artist works with, what materials they use, and what accessories they use before, during, and after the treatment, as lasting and beautiful final results can only be achieved with full care.

The most important part of choosing the permanent makeup artist is knowing their previous work, knowing how reputable they are, what feedback they get on social media and Google, because based on these, we can find out a lot about the works of the permanent makeup artist. Their presence and representation on social media is also important, so we can learn a lot more about their style, work and guests. Before making your decision, always consider carefully who you want your permanent eyelid makeup created by, because a correction cannot be carried out in many cases afterwards.