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Why do you need permanent lip makeup?

With getting permanent lip makeup, you can forget about these problems! Thanks to this technology, you can have wonderfully delicate yet plump lips. Femininely seductive, plump and elegant! I highlight the beautiful shape and I cover up the unfavorable qualities. This technology is also great for correcting ruined permanent lip makeup! The final result will be beautiful, evenly colored, full lips.

Thin lips

The term "strip mouth" is often used for thin lips. Fortunately, line-like lips can be corrected not only by lip augmentation. Permanent lip makeup provides an alternative solution to achieve a visually fuller effect.

Pale lips

With the help of permanent makeup, we can turn pale, light or colorless lips into fresh and seductive lips. Pigment cocktails tailored to the unique skin tones of the guests provide long-lasting color.

Strong asymmetry

The asymmetry of the lips can be neatly compensated with permanent makeup. It can also correct the difference in the thickness of the upper and lower lips. So, with the help of permanent lip makeup, the lips can be beautifully shaped.

The edge of the lips lost contour

When the edges of the lips are very faint, they almost blend in with the color of the skin around the mouth, the shape of the lips is not visible, it is not contrasting. Thanks to today’s modern permanent makeup, we can create a beautiful lip shape for you that is soft and aesthetic.

Wounds, scars

If there are signs of accidental injury, surgery, possibly herpes on the edges of the lips and therefore the lips are not aesthetically pleasing, then permanent makeup is the best option, because this allows us to alter the shape of the lips and correct defects.

Half and full

Different versions of lip shading are good for everyone, since the technique begins with the preparation of a contour, accompanied by shading from the outside inwards. It is recommended for guests with thicker and thinner lips as well, as it can achieve a naturally full effect.

Lip half shading

First the planned contour is created, then go inwards, making the color gradually fade. The final result is a soft, natural effect. Half shading for those with slightly thicker lips is recommended, to have enough space to accomplish the gradient of the shading.

3D lip shading

We begin by drawing the contour line and then, moving inwards, evenly shading the surface of your entire lips. Thus, the final result will be fuller, richer. For clients with thicker and thinner lips as well this is recommended. We specifically recommend this technique for a nice final result if your lips are thin and therefore need to be slightly enlarged. This is a gradient lip shading technique, a color gradient is created from darker to light colors, with 2-3 colors, with which the volume of the lips can be optically increased and the asymmetry can be nicely corrected. We can achieve both a more modest and an attractive overall effect with this technique, depending on the wishes and the style of the client.

Perfect choice if

- you would like to optically enlarge your lips
- you want to make your asymmetric lips perfectly symmetrical
- you desire more intensive lips, but also if you like to achieve a softer, more modest overall effect

Lip full shading

We begin by drawing the contour line and then, moving inwards, then evenly shade the surface of your entire lips. Thus, the final result will be fuller, richer. This is recommended for clients with thicker and thinner lips as well. I specifically recommend this technique for a nice final result if your lips are thin and therefore need to be slightly enlarged.

Pearly Lips

The Pearly Lips technique was brought to life because a lot of clients came with requests for soft and modest permanent lip makeup. So I developed this technique, which results in a natural effect and gives an elegant, pearly light to the lips. Moreover, with the Pearly Lips technique, asymmetric shapes can be beautifully corrected. It is especially recommended for guests who are lovers of nude lipstick. The Pearly Lips technique works best on thicker lips, giving the mouth a richer and fuller effect. Unfortunately, it is not possible to create the perfect effect on very thin lips.

Perfect choice if

- you wish for natural looking permanent makeup
- you desire lips with full, rich visual effect
- you follow the latest trends and love nude lips

How much does it hurt?


It depends on your individual sensitivity, but we anesthetise throughout the whole treatment, thus making the procedure easier to bear. The pain threshold is lower 2 days prior to menstruation or on the first two days. So do not time your permanent lip makeup for this period. Do not have your lips injected with the dentist before getting a permanent lip makeup, as the form of the lips will become deformed under the influence of the anesthetic and this way they should and must not be tattooed.


What is worth knowing
before the treatment

Permanent lip makeup and lip augmentation

A regular shape can be created with permanent makeup, that allows for a richer effect as well, so it is recommended to create the permanent lip makeup first. At the edge of the lips, the light breaks, so spatial magnification cannot be solved by tattooing. If our clients would like to have fuller lips, we recommend making the permanent lip makeup done after the lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid. We do not recommend filling the lip with silicone oil at all, it is also a harmful, banned substance.

Have you already had permanent lip makeup, but the pigments have not remained in your skin, or it has become patchy?

The final result depends on the even, uniform strokes of the permanent makeup device, the quality of the pigment implanted, the properly selected needle cartridge and the proper shading technique of the permanent makeup artist. In such case, one of the important components was missing.

Menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding

Having a permanent lip makeup done is not recommended during pregnancy and the breastfeeding period, nor 2 days prior to menstruation or on the first two days. The pain threshold is lower in these cases and the hormone balance also changes in these three situations, which can result in the pigments not remaining maximally in the skin.


The disappearance of the contour of the mouth can also be due to Herpes, so those who suffer from this problem would especially need permanent lip makeup. Anyone who has ever had herpes unfortunately has this virus in their system and it reactivates itself because of certain effects and stress. Permanent lip makeup is such an effect, it brings this problem out. But there's a way to prevent it. By taking anti-herpes medication, you can prevent your freshly done permanent lip makeup from getting hurt! Only medicines that can be prescribed by a doctor are suitable for the prevention (e.g. Telviran, Herpesin) You should start taking them 3 days before the treatment and then continue for a total of 1 week. We will discuss the details in person. Be sure to let us know if you have herpes.


What color should my permanent lip makeup be?


The chosen color greatly influences the overall effect. For half shading, choosing from the natural shades is the best, because this way the transition from the pigmented area and the natural color of your lips can be created beautifully. In case of full shading, 3D shading and Pearly Lips, both natural and bright tones might be good choices. Bringing your own favorite lipstick or lip gloss is suggested, so choosing the suitable color for you will be easier.

The process of
permanent lip makeup

  • 1

    Arrive on time
    It is important that you arrive on time, because we will have to discuss the most important information.

  • 2

    We take photos of you
    We will take photos before and after the treatment, so that you will be able to see the results of the permanent makeup treatment

  • 3

    We choose the suitable colour for you
    We ask our guests to bring a lipstick, lip gloss or other lip care product that they frequently use in order to choose the perfect color for them. It is important to know that the pigments implanted mix with the existing pigments of the skin and this will create the final color of the permanent makeup.

  • 4

    The shape of the lips is pre-drawn so as to make the lips symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing and richer. We check the shape in a variety of ways and correct it until it is perfect for us and for you.

  • 5

    Anesthetising the lips
    After finalizing the shape, we numb the area of your lips. The anesthetic cream takes effect in 20 minutes.

  • 6

    Creating your permanent lip makeup
    We begin your permanent lip makeup by making the contour, then shade the lips following the steps of the agreed technique. The aim is to create a homogeneous and symmetrical surface. One or more colours will be used depending on the technique and the wishes of the guest.

  • 7

    After care
    When you are finished, you get your Rosa Herbal Skin Care After Care Stick, together with detailed information about how to use it. You have to use it continuously for 7-14 days, so a protective layer will always be on your lips. Permanent lip makeup should be disinfected for 4 days, 4 times a day, mainly after meals, pour some skin disinfectant onto a cotton pad and gently dab your lips with it. The freshly done permanent makeup must not be exposed to water or direct UV radiation. You should avoid causing mechanical damage, so you must not scratch or rub the skin and pick the scabs or pieces of skin.

  • 8

    Healing period
    2-3 days after the permanent lip makeup has been created, scabs will start forming. This makes the colour of your lips change, it will appear lighter, and then it gradually regains colour. In 1-1.5 months your permanent lip makeup will be healed and it reaches its final colour.

  • 9

    A touch-up is needed after one month, but within 3 months of making your permanent makeup. We will implant more pigments into the skin, this way your permanent makeup will be more durable. During this occasion we can correct and supplement the color if there are places where the skin was able to retain less pigment.

The healing period of
permanent lip makeup

Your permanent lip makeup will completely heal in 1-1.5 months. It is important to observe the rules of after care in order for your permanent makeup to heal. You should disinfect your lips, for 4 days, 4 times a day, mainly after meals, pour some skin disinfectant onto a cotton pad and gently dab your lips with it. Using Rosa Herbal Skin Care After Care Stick is also important. You have to use it continuously for 7-14 days, so a protective layer will always be on your lips. After 2-3 days, the tattooed skin area begins to scab. This should not be rubbed, scratched or picked off the skin, as this will damage the pigments and will not be properly incorporated into the skin. During the healing period, the color will change. It becomes light, and then the color gradually darkens. The lip reaches its final color in 4-6 weeks.

Ajak gyógyulás

After care of
permanent lip makeup


Besides short-term care, long-term care is just as important, so that your permanent lip makeup remains durable. In the short term.

After the treatment the use of Rosa Herbal Skin Care After Care Stick is important. During touch-up, more pigments will be implanted into the skin. Since the skin is renewed on average every 28 days, the colour of the freshly done permanent makeup fades by 20%-30%.

It is also important that the permanent makeup reaches the top third of the cutis, so that the permanent makeup becomes more durable. Az UV rays fade pigments, and from the inside, the phagocytes decimate the pigment particles, also causing the permanent lip makeup to fade.

It is worth using Rosa Herbal Skin Care Sunny 15 or Sunny 25 lip care products that protect the skin against UV rays. It is possible to promise about 1-3 years for the durability for permanent lip makeup.

The price of permanent lip makeup

The price of a permanent eyelid makeup depends on a lot of different factors, that is why it is important to consider carefully which permanent makeup artist we choose to create our permanent makeup. It is important to know how long the permanent makeup artist has been in the profession and for how long have they been doing permanent makeup. It is worth knowing how much professional experience they have, that is how we know if they do their work precisely and professionally. If we know when the permanent makeup artist was last on a training, we will know how well they know the world of permanent makeup, the latest international trends, and how they benefit from the knowledge gained during these trainings. These are important because they allow the permanent makeup artist to create unique and perfect permanent makeup for each guest, because this way the artist will have wide range of vision and knowledge. If we know whether the permanent makeup artist is only tattooing or teaching as well, then we will know how confident they are in their work, since they are not afraid to pass on this knowledge. Using premium quality tools is essential during permanent makeup treatments, since this is how the permanent makeup will be durable. It is worth checking what tools and brands the permanent makeup artist works with. Premium quality is really important.

The most important part of choosing the permanent makeup artist is knowing their previous work, knowing how reputable they are, what feedback they get on social media and Google, because these show the real picture about the permanent makeup artist. Due to being present on social media, we can learn a lot more about the permanent makeup artist, their style, work and guests. Before making your decision, always consider carefully who you want your permanent lip makeup created by, because a correction cannot be carried out in many cases afterwards.