Thunder Course with Anett Láng

A hyperintense course.


What is this course?

You’re going to learn 3 PMU techniques in just 3 days with super fast speed.
How is it possible?
⁃ The thematic of course is hyper intense and speedy
⁃ The education is very focused
⁃ The thunder class has its own schedule
- the basic lips, eyelids and ombre PMU fast technique execution.

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Who is this for?

⁃ beginner artists
⁃ intermediate artists
⁃ For PMU artists wanting to practice and develop skills

For PMU artists eager to gain knowledge fast. Who want to master 3 new PMU techniques with express speed. Who want to gain new knowledge in just 3 days with huge dynamism.


What am I going to learn?

The Thunder Course contains 3 different techniques. You will learn the theory and practice of these techniques, then on the 3. day your trainer will focus on your mistakes, weaknesses and analyze them to help you correct them. You will learn a lot from it. As a summary you will take part in a Q&A where you can ask anything from your trainer.

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What does it include?

1 LIVE theory class
3 LIVE latex presentation
1 LIVE step by step practical education
1 LIVE Q&A consultation
Private Facebook membership
UNLIMITED access to HD videos


Dates, Prices

- 21-22-23 June - PMU MIX Thunder Course (Anett Láng)
- €99