We are building the future of permanent make up.

You will be the master of permanent make up and not just a simple permanent make up artist among the others with the help of the Tünde Méhn PMU Art International School.

First in permanent make up

There are hundreds of successfully passed make-up tattooists all over the world.

You could be the next one!


"Méhn Tünde’s name means the same thing as premium quality, continuous development and quality education."


"Méhn Tünde is committed to the profession with a high level demandingness on every level. She puts loads of time, effort in the education and does not afraid of challenges."


"We are lack of trainers who are as talented, creative and demanding as Tünde. She is an amazing international trainer."

Why should you learn at the Tünde Méhn PMU Art International School?

It is that kind of PMU school, where you can get 10 times more knowledge than at an average school.



  • Professional support
  • Questions, professional advices

Tünde Méhn is unique with her professional knowledge in Hungary

  • International PMU Master Tutor
  • Diploma of Tutor and Master Beautician

UP-TO-DATE Knowledge

  • Top-level knowledge
  • Constantly updated educational materials

Bilingual diploma

  • Internationally recognized diploma
  • International PMU trainings

Innovative techniques

  • Unique PMU designs
  • The freshest PMU techniques of nowadays

Highlighted practice time

  • Practice oriented trainings
  • Precise, fine motors trainings

Opportunity for the continuous development

  • Fine tuning of the make-up tattoo techniques
  • Elimination of the technical error sources

Unique knowledge transfer

  • Interactive training mode
  • Unique training system

Everything starts with a good decision!

The chance is given to you too!

You can learn everything on our premium trainings! From the best PMU products until the tiniest details we will teach You everything to make a perfect final result, thanks to it the number of your guests will grow and you will be able to reach even more in your PMU career!


We believe in You! Come and join to the PMU Art School Community!

We ensure
the success for you!

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1 training = 10 trees

We are building the future of permanent make up, but for that an assured future is needed! The condition of our planet is in our hands, so we must act now to stop the climate disaster. From 2020 we will plant 10 trees after each paid training, so in this way you not just buy a ticket to the trainings but for a greener future too!

Feedback from students

Anett Steványik
The PMU Art School works on it that we, the make-up tattooists, can improve much more. Tünde is a really determined women who insists on the study, but it is really necessary from a trainer and I really like this character in her.
Eszter Gábriel
It is my third home. It was very important to me that I took part in a few weeks training, so I was not afraid so much at my first tattooing. From Tünde the love of make-up tattooing comes from and she tries to stick it on us too.
Cecilia Bárkányi
What it is exemplary for me that you can ask anytime and anything. I don’t feel that the knowledge is being feared. I like it in Tünde that she always feels that she can improve more and she wants to be more in her level and she can show new things.
Bettina Jancsó
I have chosen the Tünde Méhn International School because it was important for me to learn from there where the improvement is certain. Tünde is a really inspiring character for me and I think that for many of us too.

Techniques you need if you are a make-up tattooist

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with the knowledge gained from us,
you will always be up to date!

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